Foot in Mouth Disease

Sometimes I wonder why I even open my mouth. I swear I think I have all the answers. I think I need to go to a “how to talk to people” seminars, because apparently I suck at it. I just ticked off my friend and my son. Who’s next?

Jeez I yelled at my son because he got into trouble. Now everyone is getting on me for being too hard on him. What?! Ok then I saw something on the news that had me worried about my friend and I spoke to her about it. Basically you can not tell anyone what to do in their own home with their own kids, hell I get that. As a friend I thought I had carte blanche to at least voice an opinion and to have it taken as concern. But I came off as a know it all.

So in less than two days I opened my mouth and I am the bad guy. At this point I am pissed because my son acted out and I was mad. His reaction made me madder. He had the “I don’t care” look. The worse look a parent can receive. My friend had the condescending smile on her face that told me to shut the eff up and get out of her face, yet I couldn’t stop talking.

You ever have those moments? Well I know I was coming from a good place, but it’s like someone trying to tell me how to do something and I don’t need their help. That was a weird and uncomfortable feeling. I don’t think I can get over it or talk to her about it.

Friendship not over, but it makes me think twice about voicing my opinion about anything to her. My son on the other hand, he is giving me grief and while I listen to other people’s advice on what to do, I am trying to get over the anger of his actions. Even if I don’t want to hear the advice, I know that the people who love me are coming at me out of love and concern. Which is why I thought I could talk to my friend, but who am I with my own problems?

And I don’t want to think about that, but if I can’t talk, truly talk to my friends then what do I have? Oh yeah this blog. So this post is all about my feeling sorry about my lot in life. Also I wonder who is next on the piss-off list. You? Sorry for the pity party. Sometimes it helps me to bleed the feelings off by writing about it. I do feel better. I will deal with these two situations. I will only say that at this time I am on what my other friend calls Princess Mode Syndrome. I will use it as an excuse.


Stacie on October 13, 2009 at 8:55 PM said...

LOL Princess Mode Syndrome I like that! Don't you just hate those I don't care looks your kids give you. Or those blank stares where you know they want to say something back at you but don't. That drives me nuts and makes me even more madder.

nettagyrl on October 13, 2009 at 10:47 PM said...

Stacie! OMG hate the look, maes me go crazy! But yeah PMS has a cool name and makes so much more sense! hahaha


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