What if Vampires could eat food?

Ok just finished this new vampire book. It is called Eternal by V. K. Forrest. It is a paranormal romance. Ok here is what I liked about the book.

First off as you read the beginning of the story from the main character point of view Fia Kahill, you don't get the sense that she is a vampire. I mean the back of the book says she is, but she doesn't come off that way. Why? It is because she is an FBI agent, who can walk in the sun and eat food. Whoa! That was something different. As a side note I am always reading vampire books and it is nice to come across one the has its own rules.

So not only does she eat food but she has a therapist. She also has an addiction. She goes out at night dressed as a hooker and picks up men to drink blood. But in this vampire novel, her sept (like her vampire coven) decided to protect humans because they are convinced that God cursed them and it is their goal to look after humanity.

I like the fact that in this vampire story, these vampires, while immortal, age like normal humans and die. Then they rise after 3 days and have no recollection of their life until they hit 21. I love that idea.

While I really like the idea of this vampire lore, I was disappointed in the fact that Fia had too many problems. I mean she is a vampire, who works as an FBI agent, but she also has a low self-esteem, little confidence, and kinda of a pushover with her family. I needed her to have a little bit more backbone.

I am also disapointed that the sex scenes were far and few between. And not as descriptive as I like. Don't get me wrong, this author is well written, but I feel that the cover and back cover are a little misleading. While she does fall for the guy, they don't acutally get together until the last half of the book.

So I'd recommend this book for the cool vampire lore and interesting overall story, but this is not a keeper in my book collection. I give this a 3 out of 5.

Thanks and if you think that I am wrong by all means comment.



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