I am now in California. We moved when I was two months old so technically I am a Californian, minus two months. In 1975 my brother was born, and there went my only child status. Thanks bro.

I type the year and so many memories flood my mind like a tidal wave. So many things happened in this year. Where to begin? Let’s start off with the fact I was eight and in the third grade. I was in a class that the teacher was not very good or attentive. I think she hated her life. The kids in that class, I included, were absolute terrors. We sang, acted out, and were loud and opinionated. This is probably why I never became a teacher. But she got us all back. All the kids with the exception of a few got D’s and F’s.

Valley girls were all the rage. I did live in Southern California so it was pretty much the norm. I even had a dictionary which taught you how to speak like a valley girl. To this day I still say “like” a lot! I am still mad at my eight year old self for basically giving me the valley girl tongue. “Like totally gag me with a spoon” Ugh!

Aquafresh toothpaste was the brand new kid on the block. Well with the name of Acquanetta it was a lose-lose situation for me in the tease department. Kids are evil. Again this is why I never went into teaching.

For Christmas break my dad took me and my little brother back to Louisiana to visit. School was only out for two weeks but we stayed there a month. It was the first time I ever rode the Greyhound bus and as a child of eight it was fun and exciting. Not so much now.

This is also the year I was chased by a black cat all the way to my grandma’s house. I was out playing in the mud. When you’re a kid mud is so much fun. Apparently it is a necessity for those wanting to look younger by having their bodies slathered in the stuff. Go figure. Do you know that cat, which I happened to throw mud at by the way, chased me all the way with me screaming bloody murder? And when I got to her house that dang cat stayed in front of her door for like thirty minutes. It was waiting for me, no lie. Let’s just say I learned my lesson well that day.
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British Papers are More Fun to Read – Hilarious email!

Love the British. From an American perspective or should I say stereotype, the British seem proper and very stiff. Well these articles punch holes in that theory! Enjoy!

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I took a creative non-fiction writing class some years back. It allowed those of us to explore our pasts, or anything/anyone we came in contact with and write about it, but in a creative fiction type way. I am really glad I took that class as it has helped me to explore the world around me differently. Now I look on each experience as my next piece to write. Enjoy!

My mom and dad had been married for a year. She was twenty-one. He was twenty-nine. They both grew up in a miniscule town (or parish as it is called) in Louisiana. Lake Arthur to be exact. My mom once told me that before her last year of school, from her elementary to 11th grade year she had been in a segregated school. She graduated 1968.

When I was born, in 1971, I was born in Jefferson Parish in Lafeyette, LA. If you read my certificate you will see two things that are wrong or at least weird to see. My name is misspelled. So far at 38, have not had a problem with securing a drivers license or state id, but I am afraid that I may have a problem when it comes to securing a passport.

But the most glaring anomaly is for race it says colored. My birth certificate is my own historical fact. Even in the 70’s people were still referred to as colored. Granted it was the south, but civil rights was alive and well, a thing of the future not the past. Personally I don’t feel anything about it. It just is. I know who I am and what I am. I am more upset over the misspelled name.

I guess my birth certificate is a metaphor of my life; stuff just happens to me. Either my own doing or I just happened to be in the wrong place and the wrong time. Sometimes, though I look back over my life and think, it started in 1971.

If you like more I might be persuaded to write more about me.
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I love funny emails. Especially the ones that are so funny I must share in my blog with the world! This is a great lesson, but please note that it is intended as fun and in no way meant to be anything other than that. If you’re easily offended, then you are seriously in the wrong place and there is no excuse for you! But if this is where you wanna be, then please enjoy!

Between 18 and 22, a woman is like Africa. Half discovered, half wild, fertile and naturally beautiful!

Between 23 and 30, a woman is like Europe.
Well developed and open to trade, especially for someone of real value.

Between 31 and 35, a woman is like Spain, very hot, relaxed and convinced of her own beauty.

Between 36 and 40, a woman is like Greece, gently aging but still a
warm and desirable place to visit.

Between 41 and 50, a woman is like Great Britain, with a glorious and all conquering past.

Between 51 and 60, a woman is like Israel, has been through war, doesn't make the same mistakes twice, and takes care of business.

Between 61 and 70, a woman is like Canada, self-preserving, but open to meeting new people.

After 70, she becomes Tibet... Wildly beautiful, with a mysterious past and the wisdom of the ages.....
An adventurous spirit and a thirst for spiritual knowledge.


Between 1 and 80, a man is like Iran, ruled by nuts.

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Working the blog

Hi all. I love my blog. I mean from the name to the inane posts I am just loving everything here. But I also want more people to see how truly awesome this blog is. Am I conceited? No because I am this blog's biggest fan.

So for the past month I've been really trying to kick up the traffic to get more people on this site. So I can tell you some that are really good is the Entrecard and Along for the Ride traffic builders. These are the ones I started with and I am happy with the results. Also Link Referral is stepping up.

I just added CMF, Spott, BlogExplosion, Traffic Digger, and Adgitze to see if these will work, but no words yet on these.

While I love Entrecard and Link Referral, you really have to spend some time clicking on other sites to get it reciprocated on your own site. Not a problem, but it takes a lot of time to build up the traffic.

But Along for the Ride is probably the easiest traffic builder. All you do is add the widget. That's it. No click, no ads. Love this one the best.

Then there are the directories I've added myself to. Not for sure if they are working or not, but I keep the pretty little widgets on my site for looks.

I can say this, with the work put into these sites, the big payoff is the traffic as well as the followers who love my site as much as I do.

So while it is a lot of work, it is worth it. Now if only I can get paid the big bucks to blog, then I would love it even more. So far I am still in the cents when it comes to google adsense.
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How to code HTML and how to display HTML code in your blog!

That's right folks! I've finally figured out how to create the html code and figure out how to display the code in a box for ya'll to grab! Lordy it took many hours of research on my part, but as of now it is done! So if you want to grab it and display it on your blog I'd much appreciate it. If so let me know and I will display yours. If you don't have a badge, but you want to display mine, let me know and I will reciprocate and add you to my blog roll!

Here is what helped me with the HTML coding: http://www.w3schools.com/html/. This site goes step-by-step to show you how to code what you need from what the tags mean to practicing until you get it right! Look at me, I sound smart!

And while I got that, I was still having trouble in how to display the code on the sidebar. Again after many hours, I cracked the code today thanks to this web site here. This person made it super easy to figure it out.

So this is a little pay it forward. If you were having trouble hopefully my little research will help you to get what you need. Thanks!
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Book review: Green by Ted Dekker

Green by Ted Dekker is a fantasy thriller that is immersed in biblical lore with a heavy dose of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and C.S. Lewis’s Narnia Series. It starts in the future and ends in the past. And it quite takes your breath away with the sheer imagery created.

I am a new reader to this series. I almost didn’t choose to read the book, because I saw there were three books before it, but based on the blurb about it being book 0 and that I as a new reader should be ok as this technically was the “first” book is what made me agree to review it.

From the very beginning I was hooked, yet a bit lost, because you can tell that there was more story here. I can appreciate the fact that everything was explained from the other three books but this only whetted my appetite for more.

The story has elements of Bible lore. There is a Judas (the betrayer), people “baptizing” (called “drowning in the book) to literally wash away their “sins”, and Thomas the main character could have been the new Moses.

It is fantastical and suspenseful. The story goes from the future to the past and back again in a seamless tale. It is also an epic fantasy that has its cast of characters going on The Journey with loss and enlightenment along the way that has you as a reader cheering the good guys on and booing the bad guys.

The plot is truly a work of genius and the ending just whets my appetite for the rest of the series. I am not going to give anything away or this would be a much longer review!

Bottom line, this book gets a 5. I read it in two days as I just could not put it down. It is a sweeping epic journey that takes the reader on a ride of a lifetime. Imagine a world where good and evil are not just words, but literally seen as truth. Don’t let this one pass you by!
For more info:
Be sure to check out Ted Dekker's Green Website for Downloads, Videos and More!
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The case of the food snatcher!

Ok it takes a lot to really, really make my blood boil, but this morning it happened! I like so many people, buy breakfast/lunch almost everyday for work. Well this past pay period is a serious poor one for me to the point that I only have money for gas, so I had to make due with a loaf of bread and ham. Which is fine. I had been eating ham sandwiches all week. I planned it out to the point that I was down to 4 slices of ham. Well this morning, I went to where my pack ham has been chilling, in the spot it has been for the past week, and noticed it was gone. I kinda got a teeny bit pissed as I thought maybe it fell back somewhere. Well after and extensive search I found my pack of ham hidden on a second shelf with 2 slices gone. I was so angry at the audacity of the adult who not only ate my last bit of food, but also hid it in what I can only assume that they would eat it later.

I am still mad as I write this. But at the same time faintly amused at the sheer boldness. I would never do anything so crass. Hell I would never go to my mother’s house and raid her fridge unless I specifically ask. This to me means that some people have no home training.

Anyway I’ll survive. I am thinking of just bringing in food and throwing ex-lax in it. It would make me smile. But there was a case some years back when a person who did that was sued. So I will just be patient. Karma is a worthy opponent.
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Even babies are into it!

Just when I thought I had seen it all, along comes another "Single Ladies" video! But this one takes the cake and is cute and saccharin sweet, that I had to post it. I think it will give me cool points for one when I blast someone in the future. So enjoy this little guy, enjoying his Beyonce!

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Pimpin oneself out: We all do it!

That’s right. Everyday you do something for a little something. Now you’re probably getting up in arms over this. Well I say calm down butter cup. I have some examples.

As a blogger, I am looking for traffic, money, comments, and links exchanges with people. What do I do for that? Well I take a “walk” down internet lane and look at all the interesting ways to get “paid” and all by putting myself out there. If you look at my blog sidebar, you can see all the places that I put myself on the net. Yes as you can see I’ve been a busy girl! Like I said, pimpin’ myself out to get “paid” ain’t easy!

Now as a book reviewer for examiner.com and Thomas Nelson I am looking to not only improve my writing skills, but to also receive books to read. So what do I do for that? Well I put a little blurb on my examiner page for all prospective authors/publishers to hit me up for a review. For the Thomas Nelson reviews I put the badge on my page and request books be shipped to me to read and review. My payoff for both? I get free books, and they get free advertisement. We both are doing well.

These are my pimp out moments. Pimpn’ makes the world go ‘round!

But here are some other ways that you may think are not, but really are pimpin moments. For those who work in an office setting, you know people who pimp themselves out on a daily basis. You might even calls these people suck-ups or brown-nosers. But they are pimps. They are looking to get paid. For example, when the boss is looking for volunteers, these people always jump on the bandwagon. They cozy up to the boss by stroking his/her ego. And that person’s pay day is a raise or even recognition. Yes they too are pimps.

And what about when the tables are turned? When you are out at dinner, and your server/waiter/waitress wows you to the point that you actually give them a much bigger tip cuz they just did it for you? Yep they are pimps. Or when you get such great customer service either over the phone or in person, don’t you “pay” that person with compliments? So as you see pimpin happens both ways and in almost every situation.

What are you doing to pimp yourself out? What’s your big payoff for said pimpin?
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Why I Blog

When I first decided to start a blog, I had no idea what I wanted to say. I've done some research, but some of the blogs out there were not me. There were mom blogs, how-to blogs and anything and everything under the sun blog.

My purpose was I wanted to write. I felt that what I could bring to the table was a little bit of shock, entertainment and overall my opinion. So while I am not blogging about my crafty ways (I crochet), or blog about relationships (I so suck at them) or anything else "useful" I feel that the mixed bag approach works best for me.

I love spouting off or just talking about the wacky thoughts that pop up in my head. I don't like to keep 'em in my head as I feel that the rest of the world must be subjected to them. But I digress.

Frankly I love to write. Its fun and for me it has helped me to write better.

Why do you blog?
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My son: An absolute Terror

My youngest who is fourteen, has been giving me grief since 7th grade. He is now in the 10th grade and has been on restriction before school started this term. The thing with him is he needs boundaries as he has trouble listening. And he also has a problem with lying.

Since the 7th grade, I've tried everything I could do to keep him in line. His whole attitude is him not caring, which if you're a parent is beyond frustrating.

I was going to college but had to stop because I had to make sure I was home when he got home from school. He got so bad in the last year that I had to go send him to his father to live (my ex). But that didn't work. And it became worse when I changed my job because I come home sometimes after 6 pm. But now my sister lives very close by.

As of now, he is doing better. His routine is he leaves home for school and after school goes straight to my sister's until I come home. So far he is getting an A in one class. I am hoping to keep him to this routine until I can trust him again. After all he is my baby boy.

While I have some control over him, I still feel out of sorts, cuz that boy has a mouth on him, that makes me act like my mom when I was his age. I can say it is not an everyday occurrence but when it happens, I see red.

Bottom line I want what's best for him. Even if I have to force it on him. After all it is my right as his mother. Just saying.
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Why I believe the animal kingdom is preparing to attack humans!

For years, we as humans have been preparing for a possible attack from outer space. But what if the attack against humanity isn’t from the stars but from here on Earth, from the other species?

That’s right I am talking about animals. For some time now, I believe that they have been holding secret meetings out in the woods, zoos and anywhere else they reside, to start a war against us humans.

With all the attacks on people from animals lately, most time it is not people who start the fights but animals. Who says their dumb or not capable of thinking higher thoughts is crazy!

Ok in all seriousness though my friend sent me an article about a bear attacking a man for no reason. I believe that the animal kingdom is fed up and are looking to take us out or at least cull us to a more reasonable number. With so many people in the world, maybe they are looking at their dwindling space and looking to humans as the culprit.

Whatever the reason, I say watch your back. You never know when the next animal attack may be.

fyi-here is the link to the story which prompted this post. Click here
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HTML 101

I am loving the whole blogging experiencing so far and I’ve even looked at other people’s templates to kind gauge how I want my own presented. But the one thing that has eluded me is the blogger badge html!

I want to show myself off but how can I? I finally figured out what to do as far as photoshop and such, but I don’t have a clue on the html.

So if anyone is willing to help a sister out, I’d be much obliged, and of course an exchange of links would be a given. So I implore you, if you can help me that would be cool as ice, baby!

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Yet another Change

Because this is a diary of sorts, I just wanted to talk about my new blog template. This is like my 6th change. What can I say? I crave what other people have. But this latest one, I think we are gonna be good for awhile. It is a magazine style that I like as no matter how long my posts are will be shortened, and allow folks to read just how amazing I am.

So I like to toot my own horn. Toot Toot. But the color is why I really went for it. I love purple, and it has been hard to find a template to satisfy love for purple. This color is as close to my fav color, though some might call pink (gag), I will stick with the magenta/almost purple color. Yep that is an official color I just made up. You can thank me for that.

But I am hoping this one is it for me. My only complaint? That the little chick on the top doesn’t look a little bit more like me.

So tell me, is this template a winner?
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Scripted TV shows: Is Reality TV finally going away?

I saw Glee last night. I’ve come to the conclusion that finally, after a long, endless parade of “reality” TV from housewives who don’t know how to act to the VH-1 crazy spin-off of a spin-off of a spin-off that TV is finally coming back to great scripted shows with a vengeance.

At least I truly hope so! Don’t get me wrong, I love the dance shows and the other talent competitions, but there are just WAY too many of these inane shows to actually add value to my TV viewing.

Glee seems to be bringing back actual enjoyment of the scripted word. It has singing. It has dancing. It has drama. It has the evil wenches, and the tools and it is all crafted in a neat little package. Sounds almost like a reality TV except, these people in Glee are more believable.

Here is to hoping that more scripted shows are a given in the future, instead of a novelty as once reality TV was. And I need TV execs to stop giving up on these written shows. In the past 3 yrs my heart has been hurt more times than I can count because they stop these shows in the middle of their fledgling debut.

Do you agree or disagree?
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President Obama: Kanye West is a Jackass

I just wanted to put it out there. The POTUS rocks! And I know people love him or hate him but when it comes to the real issues this man always has an opinion. Take a listen to the audio:

The POTUS lays it all out. But of course his naysayers will say something about him expressing his opionion, though the White house as of yet have not given an official apology, which makes me think the POTUS is sticking to this.

Of course when the president calls you a Jackass, that means you really messed up big time!
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Jay Leno to Kanye West "What would your mother think?"

On Jay Leno's brand new show, he did an impromtu interview with the infamous Kanye West and point blank asked him towards the end of the interview, what would his mother think?

Kanye was quiet for a few seconds and I seriously thought he would cry. After his answer I started to realize that this man needs to take a serious break from the limelight. His outbursts are getting insane and he never really took time off after his mother died.

Don't get me wrong, what he did to Taylor was heinous, but with his drinking from a bottle of Hennesy straight up, and his overall antics in general I think what Kanye needs is to go and adopt a 3rd world child and become a goodwill ambassador.

He needs a break and we need a break from him. I need to see him with said child to walk around smiling and actually be happy. Wait that sounds familiar. Oh lord that is what Angelina Jolie did. Well it worked for her.

But in all seriousness that man needs to rest. I am ok with him taking a break and coming back with a fresher outlook on life. And I also wanted to say that for being so young, Taylor Swift is very gracious and a winner overall. Maybe Kanye can adopt her? Hmm something to ponder.
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Here is a funny email sent to me and it took me a minute to get it, and when I did I really laughed out loud! Because remember boys are dirty!! Please enjoy!

'Bless me Father, for I have sinned.
I have been with a loose girl'.

The priest asks,
'Is that you, little Joey Pagano ?'

'Yes, Father, it is.'

'And who was the girl you were with?'

'I can't tell you, Father.
I don't want to ruin her reputation'.

'Well, Joey, I'm sure to find out her name sooner or later
so you may as well tell me now.
Was it Tina Minetti?''

'I cannot say.'

''Was it Teresa Mazzarelli?'

'I'll never tell.'

''Was it Nina Capelli?'

'I'm sorry, but I cannot name her.'

'Was it Cathy Piriano?'

'My lips are sealed.'

'Was it Rosa DiAngelo, then?'

'Please, Father, I cannot tell you.'

The priest sighs in frustration.
'You're very tight lipped, and I admire that..
But you've sinned and have to atone.
You cannot be an altar boy for 4 months.
Now you go and behave yourself.'

Joey walks back to his pew,
and his friend Franco slides over
and whispers,
'What'd you get?'

'Four months vacation and five good leads.'
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The symbolic colors of Twilight

After seeing the trailer again for New Moon, I am more than convinced that this second installment will be top notch. Now there is a color scheme that I noticed throughout the scenes as well as the title that I feel has some symbolic meaning.

In Twilight it was all about the silver tones which gave the film and overall washed out look to it. Like a pale moon or twilight evening. This to me means that this was about the vampires and their story.

In New Moon the color tones are orange based which indicate life, harvest, and fall to me. It is also about the wolves and their tale.

I am excited to see what the symbolic color scheme will be for the next film.

Now do you agree or disagree? Tell me what you think.

Please note this video is from YouTube: I own nothing-all rights belong to: mtv.com Please enjoy!
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Kanye West: The Biggest Tool or Bully?

Kanye West has got to be the biggest tool or bully out there! After Taylor Swift won for best female award, and she was up there giving her speech, Kanye being the bully he is takes her mic and her moment and proceeds to stick his foot in his mouth and spout off stupidness.

Now I don't know if he was drunk or what, but this has been the 3rd meltdown by a person in the public in the last week. First it was Wilson and his outburst against Obama, and then Serena Williams losing her mind, though I can see being caught in the moment when you're about to lose, and now Kanye.

Now he tried to apologize, but it truly was a pitiful apology in my opinion.
Here is the apology from the man himself:
He took a young girl's first award moment outside of a country music award and runined it. It will forever be tainted and nothing he does will give that girls moment back.

Thank goodness Beyonce being the woman she is, gave some of it back to Taylor Swift by allowing her to finish her speech, but it was a bittersweet moment.
Overall I am amazed at how some people just don't know when to shut up. Oh well I'm quite sure we'll hear more crap before the year is done!
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My friend and her words

Just had to post this. My friend is crazy and ya'll have got to read her blog as she tells it like it is.

Check out her blog and follow her. Pinky's Rant.
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Tila Tequila...A Publicity Whore or Marketing Genius?

I swore I would not put that person on my site, but after seeing some of her tweets, I am convinced now more than ever that she is uber crazy or the smartest woman ALIVE!

If you don't know or have been living under a rock with Patrick Starfish, Tila claimed Charger player Shawne Merriman basically restrained her and was trying to hold her at his home against her will. But in the past week it has gone from a restraint against her leaving his home to a full beatdown by the man.

Now there are pictures of her arms with bruises on them, but they are consistant of someone holding her arms not getting a beat down.

Well after the DA here in San Diego decided to not file charges against Shawne Merriman, then Tila took her war of words to her Twitter page. She has been saying all kinds of things to the point of idiocy and now unless you were following her, she has locked her tweets. So my good friend who is following her has been sending me some of her tweets. This last batch is what prompted my blog today.

Check out her awesome words of wisdom on why she will leave men alone now:

Now I understand the reason behind all of this taking place. God told me that the right path for me is being a lesbian. It all makes sense.
Icon_lockand yes....every guy IS the same. They DISGUST ME BEYOND BELIEF. I can't ever forgive myself for ever not being a lesbian sooner.
Icon_lockAnd from my personal experience. Women do it SO MUCH BETTER then men with sex anyway. Its about time I became a full lesbian.
Icon_lockSo I guess we all know who I am going to marry now at the end of the day.....another WOMAN! I can't wait to meet her and start my life....
Icon_lockI will NEVER have the same outlook on Men ever again. After this incident. I have a strange disconnection towards men now. All of them.
Icon_lockI can see now why so many victims of domestic violence end up becoming lesbians afterward. Cuz I for one. Never want to go back to men again
Icon_lockBTW...what pisses me off, is that SO many women have emailed me to confess about getting beat. But they are all SO SCARED to speak up!
Icon_lockIm gonna try to get some rest now. Have a long week ahead to move forward in my Civil Suit against Mr. Merriman. Goodnight. God Bless.
Icon_lockI feel like Im being "Rodney King-ed" here. Corrupt judicial system. SD is the worst! They're going 2 regret doing this2 me cuz I wont stop

I am amazed by everything she spots out. For a grown-ass woman she has taken this she said/he said crap to new limits. But the thing is, she is probably an evil genius of marketing because she continues to keep herself out there and who knows? Maybe this is something for her new show a "Shot at Love" #3. What do you think? Is she crazy or marketing master-mind?
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I actually Hate the show Vampire Diaries!!

That's right folks I completely hate the liberties the writers took with this show. I was hyped about another vampire tv to the point I purchased the book. Loved the book and the many characters paraded through out. I also realized that this book series is nothing like Twilight, but more darker and a bit mature.

Let's start off with why the book works.

Elena is blonde and the most popular girl in school. Every girl wants to be her and every boy wants to date her. She has two very best friends Bonnie, who is chubby and not black like in the tv show, and Meredith who is not even in the show.

Elena is uber confidant. The girl she thought was her friend, Caroline, is tired of being in Elena's shadow and wants to be top girl.

So far this is what makes the book really good.

Enter Stefan who is the first boy that does not fall over his feet to meet Elena. In fact he tries to avoid her at all cost.

Elena lives with her aunt and a 4 year old sister.

Now to the TV show.

First off Elena is brunette, like a certain other girl in another book. She does not seem as popular because I saw no one falling over her to be next to her except Stefan who just has to be near her.

Bonnie is black, skinny and cute. She is also descended from druids as through the series of the books she has psychic visions. I am finding this girl that is playing Bonnie not believable of the character in the book. This young lady is just too much for the character of Bonnie.

And there is no Meredith. I am shocked as she is a major character in the book and she is the stronger of the two friends. It makes no friggen sense!

Oh and it gets better. Apparently they decided to write out her little 4 year old sister and instead wrote in a brother named Jeremy who is a drug addict. Really? Why? There is no need for that.

And Matt, who Eleana broke up with him after a couple of chapters in the book is now the brother of Vickie, which is just asinine cuz in the book they are classmates.

And the final straw or should I straws? Well Stefan lives with a man calling him uncle Stefan, that one through me for a loop because Stefan in the book lives in a boarding house and Mrs. Flowers is his landlady.

The other straw is the fact that Stefan's brother Damon reveals himself like way to earlier especially since he revealed himself to Elena first.

Basically I am way beyond pissed at the amount of stuff they just took out or added. I do not understand why because if they left it as it was the show would have been much more stronger. Now it is just a bad copy of a wanna be Twilight. They even changed the name of the town from Fell's Church to Mystic Falls.

Overall I am hating the show, the network and above all else the writers who totally wrote a bad plot. But I am willing to give it one more try as True Blood has only one more episode left, otherwise it is me and my Buffy DVD collection for my vampire fix.
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Vampire Diaries tv show...Will it be good?

I've been reading the series and I can tell you first hand Vampire Diaries is no Twilight. It is darker and more vamp on vamp crime. Gotta love that. So I am excited about the tv show which is not on yet.

Some things I'm not happy about? The main character Elena is blonde in the book. In the tv show she is brunette. Dang tv producers are really trying to push this show to the Twi-Hards.

Also the school and the town is a completely different from the book. I'm confused by that as that shouldn't matter right? The name? Mystic Falls boo!

I will await overall judgment after it comes on later. I am ready to sit and watch another Vampire show on TV.
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Commercials and their wackiness

Annoying commercial jingles that stay with you, must mean they are doing their job. Every time I see Bumblebee tuna, that dude playing the guitar going through peoples homes singing pops in my head. I stay away from that brand of tuna. I refuse to have a man go through my house singing about tuna.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjHvmbYk-Dg Check the video here. Sound quality suck but this commercial creeps me out on so many levels, and the people in their houses are calm. In my house it be a different story, like me screaming and trying to find something to throw at the crazy man. Probably a brand of Starkist tuna. Just saying.

Or that one commercial for Stride chewing gum? Can you imagine chewing some gum, enjoying the flavors when some goat, wrestler, or German dance troupe hit you to try and make you spit the gum out? Yeah right! I stay away from that brand of gum.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojgi16des-U Here is the video of a man just minding his business walking across the street chewing his gum, when he is suckered punched in the man parts, then after the goat hits him again, these fools roll up in a van (btw creepy!) and steal that piece a gum, while that man is on the ground trying to get air into his lungs. I refuse!

I think about stuff like this all the time. I don't think I'm crazy, but these commercials are presented in away that actually makes me think twice about having it in my house. Just saying.

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Book review: Fearless by Max Lucado

Book Description

Each sunrise seems to bring fresh reasons for fear.

They're talking layoffs at work, slowdowns in the economy, flare-ups in the Middle East, turnovers at headquarters, downturns in the housing market, upswings in global warming. The plague of our day, terrorism, begins with the word terror. Fear, it seems, has taken up a hundred-year lease on the building next door and set up shop. Oversized and rude, fear herds us into a prison of unlocked doors. Wouldn't it be great to walk out?

Imagine your life, wholly untouched by angst. What if faith, not fear, was your default reaction to threats? If you could hover a fear magnet over your heart and extract every last shaving of dread, insecurity, or doubt, what would remain? Envision a day, just one day, where you could trust more and fear less.

Can you imagine your life without fear?

Fearless by Max Lucado is a lesson on how to live fear free in a world of fear created by one's self. How would your life be if you could live without the day to day fears that so many people have? Would you be a more productive person? Would you finally be able to breathe easier knowing how unfounded those fears really are?

From the first chapter on the author describes the many fears we as a people have either individually or as a people. From the fear of not succeeding to the fear of the economy not bouncing back to the fear of not being like everyone else. Each chapter takes those fears and applies life lessons as well as scriptures from the bible that shows that the things people fear are not such a big thing in the grand scheme of things.

Overall this is a book about inspiration and inspiring others to look inside themselves and to become less fearful. I would recommend this book to anyone needing to know that they are not the only ones in the world who have fear. The message in the book came through loud and clear; to live life without fear, is to live a life truly blessed. You just need to have a little faith.

Be sure to check out these links:




And these Fearless videos:


General Greeting

60 sec. commercial

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District 9...A Kick A$$ Movie!

Saw District 9 yesterday on Labor Day. OMG!!! This movie was ridicoulous with the visual effects, which I had read somewhere that the budget for this film was pretty low. The aliens looked so real and the interaction with the aliens looked real.

So here is the quick rundown. Twenty years ago, an alien ship stopped over South Africa and for the first 3 months nothing happened, so the military decided to go in to see if there was anything they could salvage. What they find is millions of aliens who are dying. Apparently they were lost and/or stuck without a way to get home. They were taken from the ship and put in slums, called District 9.

The main character Wikus works for a company called Multi-National United (MNU) who has basically taken care of alien-human integration. He was placed in charge to move the aliens or prawns as the humans called them, from District 9 to District 10. The reason for this move was because the people were tired of living close to the aliens. Well what was supposed to be a routine eviction/move-out turns into a nightmare for Wikus as everything changes in the blink of an eye. See the movie to see what is really going on! Will blow your mind!

This movie is done in the beginning as a documentary and done so well, you can truly believe this could happen. The movie is crazy, a little bit gross, and above all else a kick a$$ sci-fi movie which I am a serious lover of!
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Finally a Playstation 3 Owner

My son finally got the love of his life: a slim, black, plastic encased mechanism. Yep he finally has a Sony Playstation 3, the slim edition. My mom hooked him up with graduation money and today I took him to Game Stop and he purchased the new console for $299. He also got one game. All together almost $400. Why so much? Because in the city we live in sales tax is almost 10%. So hate that.

Well he has been playing with it all day, and called me into his room several times to check out all the neat little things it can do. Frankly I didn't really care, that is until he showed me the internet part of it. Yes it has free internet and he can practically do everything he does on his laptop (which is primarily him watching anime or reading mangas). This machine can apparently do anything.

Now all I have to do is get an HD tv to showcase the awesomeness that is the Playstation 3.
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Please Put On Shorts For The Love Of GOD!

After picking my oldest up from college, he requested to go to little Caesar's for $5 pizza. Since he was paying for his own dinner I had no problem.

Well as we were leaving the parking lot, this female stepped out of her truck in a t-shirt tied in the back, and a bathing suit, with sandals. She had no shorts on what so effin ever!!!!!

Literally almost crashed car as I was backing out. My poor son almost passed out from the overall gross factor.

While I understand she was in a bathing suit, there was no water around for miles! A towel, sarong, or shorts would have just been respect overall. The back of her thighs had so many dimples you could connect the dots.

Now while this is California, with many a pool, and many beaches, that is a sight that was just not right and will forever be etched into my cranium.

Don't get me wrong, I am no spring chicken, but at the same time, if you're out and about shopping, sorry but that is just not acceptable!
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Link Referral...A Rant...Kind of

I've been on link referral and for the most part I love the extra traffic I'm getting as well as the reviews received. But this last review I got literally has me questioning people in general.

Ok I am pretty clear in what my blog is about. I literally talk about stuff that I come across in my life.

So this last review I got states and I quote:
"It has some interesting posts, like the ones about Vampires, and True Blood (I love this show).. but I think it's not very easy to read, the ideas are a bit mixed... could be clearer! :) It's good but could be improved!."

Ok I am not a crybaby boo hooing over this review, but come on! It clearly states what my blog is about. This post is called a rant. =D I just had to comment because while not mad, this is the ish that kills me!

Now I am one for taking comments and working to improve, as I know I can not make every single person happy, I get that, but when I see a person who clearly does not understand that it is mixed for a reason, well poop on a stick I just had to get my 2 cents out.

I even changed my template around to something I feel is more me, and will allow people to see better on a white background

This leads me to believe that I am probably one of the few who actually look at a blog/website and understand, even if it is not my cup of tea, I at least try to get what they are about which 9 out of 10 times, is clear as AIR!

Ok this rant is over. lol I will go on to lighter, more mixed items later.
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True Blood Season 2...Nothing like the book

Just saw the next to last episode and WOW! There is only one episode left until next season! I have already read the books so I know how it ends, but the show, which is WAY better than season one which I could not take, has some things that are not like the book.

Example when they are in Dallas, the hotel gets blown up, not Godric's abode, and it was done in the daytime, when they were at their weakest. In the book it is very dramatic with quite a few dead vamps. The only thing I can think of is that they didn't have the budget. Its stuff like that that kinda ticks me off with the show, but I have to remember that the story is told from Sookie's POV.

The other thing is the Maenad, I swear that they were not having the orgy in Sookie's house but someone else's but I am just not clear, again little things that kinda irk.

But I tell you this, this chick who is playing the Vampire Queen? Umm in the book she was a little bit more hardcore and icy, at least that was my impression. And had a very powerful presence. So far I am not buying her as the Queen.

But I do like the nice foreshadowing for season 3, with Sookie cousin. Can't wait to see how the series will end, even with the changes from the book. Season 3, as the third book, should be even better than season 2.
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Daybreakers: A New Vampire Movie

I need to tell you that I love vampire lore and while I am a Twilight fan, I was way into vampires in general from the old Bela Lugosi monster movies to Buffy. And now my friend just sent me this trailer of a new vampire movie that has me losing my mind! It is about time Vampires show their fangs by the way. In this new movie, the vamps are in charge while they farm the remaining humans for blood. Uber excited!!!!

So does it look good or too bloody for you?

Check out the video here and prepared to be amazed!
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I Review Books... Anyone Hiring?

So I am a writer of many things, from blogging, writing short short fiction, to book reviews. And I can say that I am loving all the writing. I want to make it a full time career, but at this point writing is a hobby.

The book reviews I do are probably the most fun, besides blogging, that allows me to be me in an academic way. Blogging is all about personality whereas my articles have to come from my experience as a reader of erotica and romance. Yeah I am an erotic reviewer.

Now I just don't just do books, but review sites, other blogs, and publishers. I LOVE it! Of course the research is just a bonus =D.

But the very best thing about reviewing? Is being asked to review! That is so cool. I hate to admit this, lol, but I get "author-struck". It is like star-struck only I get giddy over meeting authors either in person or online! Now shh, tell no one!

So if you're over eighteen, and want to know about a book, site, blog, or publisher you should stop by my site. You'll love it! Shameless Plug #1

San Diego Erotica and Romance Books Examiner
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Why Being Nice Sucks Part 2

More rules that you as a customer should follow. Remember it will make you're transaction easier and faster and make your customer service rep happy to not use your personal information for nefarious means due to you're lack of compassion.

Please do note curse or belittle rep. Seriously folks, you do know that this just really delays any help you might have had. All is does is frustrate you and make you look like an idiot. Seriously.

Please, when giving info like your address or email or whatever, speak slow and concise. This can not be stressed enough! Especially over the phone. Rattling off numbers fast will only make the rep ask you to repeat again and again until you’re frustrated and pissy, which could have been avoided if you had a little patience to begin with!

Please, when calling in, keep it as simple as possible. This means that when you call in, there is no need to tell your life story of the problem, making it bigger than it is. The rep can only take so much information before they start to tune you out and ask you target specific questions such as “what specifically did you need done today” or “why are you calling today” or put you on hold and hope to god that somewhere in your file there is an answer to what you may be asking. A 2 minute call can go into a 15 minute monologue because of misdirection and not knowing how to ask a simple question. Basically stop making statements and just ask the question.

With these simple lessons you will be a much happier person, and that is all the customer service rep wants. Thanks for stopping by!
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The Duggars: A Monopoly of One Woman’s Uterus

Hi all. I am a mother. Proud to be one though I was 19 at the time. I’m also a single parent. So when I read a story about a woman who is basically pregnant with her 19th child, I was in shock!

19 children with their oldest married and expecting his first. Now I am not one of those people who think it is wrong to have that many children, but growing up in a family like that doesn’t that set a precedent that is ok to keep on having kids?

Can you imagine each of those 19 kids each having 19 kids? Yikes on a stick! Seriously though that family creeps me out, all that smiling and every single one of them look alike in a freaky way, including the husband and wife.

I just think that at this point it is quite ok to stop. Seriously. Just stop. I guess I am weirded out by all the kids and their morals of not believing in control. Because this is a serious case of control if I ever saw. At this rate, being that she is 42 I don’t see her stopping. I mean this new baby will be able to walk out of her uterus; there is so much room in there.

I personally hated being pregnant, but love my kids dearly. I guess I feel bad for the many couples in the world who can’t conceive with out help and even then it is no good. Isn’t this like a slap in the face of woman who can’t get pregnant but Jim and Anna look at each other and she is ready to pop another one.

I get their philosophy that each child is a blessing, but couldn’t they adopt? I mean if they got that much love to give how about helping out instead of hold her uterus hostage?

Anyway I just had to add my two cents worth of commentary. Thanks for stopping by!
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