Please Put On Shorts For The Love Of GOD!

After picking my oldest up from college, he requested to go to little Caesar's for $5 pizza. Since he was paying for his own dinner I had no problem.

Well as we were leaving the parking lot, this female stepped out of her truck in a t-shirt tied in the back, and a bathing suit, with sandals. She had no shorts on what so effin ever!!!!!

Literally almost crashed car as I was backing out. My poor son almost passed out from the overall gross factor.

While I understand she was in a bathing suit, there was no water around for miles! A towel, sarong, or shorts would have just been respect overall. The back of her thighs had so many dimples you could connect the dots.

Now while this is California, with many a pool, and many beaches, that is a sight that was just not right and will forever be etched into my cranium.

Don't get me wrong, I am no spring chicken, but at the same time, if you're out and about shopping, sorry but that is just not acceptable!



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