Finally a Playstation 3 Owner

My son finally got the love of his life: a slim, black, plastic encased mechanism. Yep he finally has a Sony Playstation 3, the slim edition. My mom hooked him up with graduation money and today I took him to Game Stop and he purchased the new console for $299. He also got one game. All together almost $400. Why so much? Because in the city we live in sales tax is almost 10%. So hate that.

Well he has been playing with it all day, and called me into his room several times to check out all the neat little things it can do. Frankly I didn't really care, that is until he showed me the internet part of it. Yes it has free internet and he can practically do everything he does on his laptop (which is primarily him watching anime or reading mangas). This machine can apparently do anything.

Now all I have to do is get an HD tv to showcase the awesomeness that is the Playstation 3.


Joseph Ekwu said...

This is a good one I really appreciate the fact that you got it for him...and talking about that I would like to get the Play station at that price...please I would be glad if you give me details on how to get one...please mate.

I like your blog would certainly come back.

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Guest said...

I got mine for free ! from www.freeipod4.me.uk. you can get all sorts of other things too. but i wanted a shiny new ps3 and got it for nothnig

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