The Duggars: A Monopoly of One Woman’s Uterus

Hi all. I am a mother. Proud to be one though I was 19 at the time. I’m also a single parent. So when I read a story about a woman who is basically pregnant with her 19th child, I was in shock!

19 children with their oldest married and expecting his first. Now I am not one of those people who think it is wrong to have that many children, but growing up in a family like that doesn’t that set a precedent that is ok to keep on having kids?

Can you imagine each of those 19 kids each having 19 kids? Yikes on a stick! Seriously though that family creeps me out, all that smiling and every single one of them look alike in a freaky way, including the husband and wife.

I just think that at this point it is quite ok to stop. Seriously. Just stop. I guess I am weirded out by all the kids and their morals of not believing in control. Because this is a serious case of control if I ever saw. At this rate, being that she is 42 I don’t see her stopping. I mean this new baby will be able to walk out of her uterus; there is so much room in there.

I personally hated being pregnant, but love my kids dearly. I guess I feel bad for the many couples in the world who can’t conceive with out help and even then it is no good. Isn’t this like a slap in the face of woman who can’t get pregnant but Jim and Anna look at each other and she is ready to pop another one.

I get their philosophy that each child is a blessing, but couldn’t they adopt? I mean if they got that much love to give how about helping out instead of hold her uterus hostage?

Anyway I just had to add my two cents worth of commentary. Thanks for stopping by!



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