How to code HTML and how to display HTML code in your blog!

That's right folks! I've finally figured out how to create the html code and figure out how to display the code in a box for ya'll to grab! Lordy it took many hours of research on my part, but as of now it is done! So if you want to grab it and display it on your blog I'd much appreciate it. If so let me know and I will display yours. If you don't have a badge, but you want to display mine, let me know and I will reciprocate and add you to my blog roll!

Here is what helped me with the HTML coding: http://www.w3schools.com/html/. This site goes step-by-step to show you how to code what you need from what the tags mean to practicing until you get it right! Look at me, I sound smart!

And while I got that, I was still having trouble in how to display the code on the sidebar. Again after many hours, I cracked the code today thanks to this web site here. This person made it super easy to figure it out.

So this is a little pay it forward. If you were having trouble hopefully my little research will help you to get what you need. Thanks!



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