Daybreakers: A New Vampire Movie

I need to tell you that I love vampire lore and while I am a Twilight fan, I was way into vampires in general from the old Bela Lugosi monster movies to Buffy. And now my friend just sent me this trailer of a new vampire movie that has me losing my mind! It is about time Vampires show their fangs by the way. In this new movie, the vamps are in charge while they farm the remaining humans for blood. Uber excited!!!!

So does it look good or too bloody for you?

Check out the video here and prepared to be amazed!


Guest said...

Hi! It's me again (from linkreferral).Like your new template. I am a fan of Twilight too. Read all 4 books in a month. My sons ask me what's the hurry. I just can't wait to find out the ending, that's all. After reading the book, I find the movie not as exciting as the book. Just drop by to say hi.

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The Twilight Saga said...

Im also a big twilight fan, and due to my addiction i started a own blog. If you are also interested in twilight you can visit my blog if you want to: www.the-twilight-saga.com

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