I Review Books... Anyone Hiring?

So I am a writer of many things, from blogging, writing short short fiction, to book reviews. And I can say that I am loving all the writing. I want to make it a full time career, but at this point writing is a hobby.

The book reviews I do are probably the most fun, besides blogging, that allows me to be me in an academic way. Blogging is all about personality whereas my articles have to come from my experience as a reader of erotica and romance. Yeah I am an erotic reviewer.

Now I just don't just do books, but review sites, other blogs, and publishers. I LOVE it! Of course the research is just a bonus =D.

But the very best thing about reviewing? Is being asked to review! That is so cool. I hate to admit this, lol, but I get "author-struck". It is like star-struck only I get giddy over meeting authors either in person or online! Now shh, tell no one!

So if you're over eighteen, and want to know about a book, site, blog, or publisher you should stop by my site. You'll love it! Shameless Plug #1

San Diego Erotica and Romance Books Examiner


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