I actually Hate the show Vampire Diaries!!

That's right folks I completely hate the liberties the writers took with this show. I was hyped about another vampire tv to the point I purchased the book. Loved the book and the many characters paraded through out. I also realized that this book series is nothing like Twilight, but more darker and a bit mature.

Let's start off with why the book works.

Elena is blonde and the most popular girl in school. Every girl wants to be her and every boy wants to date her. She has two very best friends Bonnie, who is chubby and not black like in the tv show, and Meredith who is not even in the show.

Elena is uber confidant. The girl she thought was her friend, Caroline, is tired of being in Elena's shadow and wants to be top girl.

So far this is what makes the book really good.

Enter Stefan who is the first boy that does not fall over his feet to meet Elena. In fact he tries to avoid her at all cost.

Elena lives with her aunt and a 4 year old sister.

Now to the TV show.

First off Elena is brunette, like a certain other girl in another book. She does not seem as popular because I saw no one falling over her to be next to her except Stefan who just has to be near her.

Bonnie is black, skinny and cute. She is also descended from druids as through the series of the books she has psychic visions. I am finding this girl that is playing Bonnie not believable of the character in the book. This young lady is just too much for the character of Bonnie.

And there is no Meredith. I am shocked as she is a major character in the book and she is the stronger of the two friends. It makes no friggen sense!

Oh and it gets better. Apparently they decided to write out her little 4 year old sister and instead wrote in a brother named Jeremy who is a drug addict. Really? Why? There is no need for that.

And Matt, who Eleana broke up with him after a couple of chapters in the book is now the brother of Vickie, which is just asinine cuz in the book they are classmates.

And the final straw or should I straws? Well Stefan lives with a man calling him uncle Stefan, that one through me for a loop because Stefan in the book lives in a boarding house and Mrs. Flowers is his landlady.

The other straw is the fact that Stefan's brother Damon reveals himself like way to earlier especially since he revealed himself to Elena first.

Basically I am way beyond pissed at the amount of stuff they just took out or added. I do not understand why because if they left it as it was the show would have been much more stronger. Now it is just a bad copy of a wanna be Twilight. They even changed the name of the town from Fell's Church to Mystic Falls.

Overall I am hating the show, the network and above all else the writers who totally wrote a bad plot. But I am willing to give it one more try as True Blood has only one more episode left, otherwise it is me and my Buffy DVD collection for my vampire fix.


Sunday said...

I never read the books and I am still on the fence about the show. But now I might want to read the book instead of watching it. I can't believe they changed it that much, I hate when they do that especially when it doesn't make any sense.

nettagyrl said...

Yes you should read the book as it is a much better story than what they are presenting on tv. It is a watered down version a truly good story. Now it is a cheesy knock off of gossip girl, 90210, and Twilight.

Recent blog:=- I actually Hate the show Vampire Diaries!!

dananghernowo.com on September 12, 2009 at 12:43 AM said...

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Guest said...

So dear, thought about our proposal? :D

Bombchell on September 13, 2009 at 10:20 AM said...

Oh wow how interesting, I never read this series. I'd probably be peeved if i had read it & they totally changed it.

there's a show on bbc america called Being Human that you might find interesting.

nettagyrl on September 13, 2009 at 2:33 PM said...

Thank you girl! I love watching new interesting shows. Though the last time I watched bbc America it was for Hex. =D

Guest I don't know who you are.

TERROR DELIGHT on September 13, 2009 at 4:15 PM said...


Anonymous said...

yeah i completely agree! i absolutely hate the show. i was very much disappointed when i saw who they picked for the characters and even more disappointed when i saw the first episode. [though i will admit i like watching the show then ranting about how much the episode sucked and how much the book ruined the show] i think its horrible how people who haven't read the book watch this tv show because then they wouldn't have the pleasure of enjoying the book. i really hope this show gets cancelled

Anonymous said...

i meant "how much the SHOW ruined the BOOK"

nettagyrl on September 25, 2009 at 10:05 PM said...

Anonymous, thanks for stopping by.

Yeah this show is wrong and I refuse to watch anymore. I couldn't even watch the second episode. Thank god the books are sustaining the true vision. =D

And I concur, let the show get cancelled.


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