True Blood Season 2...Nothing like the book

Just saw the next to last episode and WOW! There is only one episode left until next season! I have already read the books so I know how it ends, but the show, which is WAY better than season one which I could not take, has some things that are not like the book.

Example when they are in Dallas, the hotel gets blown up, not Godric's abode, and it was done in the daytime, when they were at their weakest. In the book it is very dramatic with quite a few dead vamps. The only thing I can think of is that they didn't have the budget. Its stuff like that that kinda ticks me off with the show, but I have to remember that the story is told from Sookie's POV.

The other thing is the Maenad, I swear that they were not having the orgy in Sookie's house but someone else's but I am just not clear, again little things that kinda irk.

But I tell you this, this chick who is playing the Vampire Queen? Umm in the book she was a little bit more hardcore and icy, at least that was my impression. And had a very powerful presence. So far I am not buying her as the Queen.

But I do like the nice foreshadowing for season 3, with Sookie cousin. Can't wait to see how the series will end, even with the changes from the book. Season 3, as the third book, should be even better than season 2.



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