It is almost that time!

Tomorrow is my official day at the Comic Con! I purchased my and my kid's tickets on August 21, 2008, because I knew going in for the third time, it would be uber-crazy to get in! I am a big fan of the con, not because I dress up in wacky costumes, no it is because I enjoy the others who took time to craft those wacky costumes!

Now the last two years, I spent on the convention floor trying to get all the freebies I could get my hands on! But this year my goal is to go to some of the panels and if my luck is holding get some autographs and pictures! Even on the convention floor, there is opportunities to get pics and autos, but I am looking for bigger fish this year.

Yes I am talking about New Moon and True Blood panels. I missed out last year, and I can kick myself for not going there. But it is ok as I am prepared to stand in line and try to get up close and personal with my favorite authors/actors.

I will also blog my experiences each night as well. Just look on me as your friendly reporter!
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Miley Cyrus does not a Fairy Wings make

Sometimes, I have to voice my opinion. It just can’t be helped.

I just read this phenomenal book a couple of weeks ago, called Wings, by Aprilynne Pike about a 15 year old girl who is actually a fairy. This is a very simple premise, but yet a very powerful story, because the author put her spin on the tale of fairy and I loved it!

And then this morning I heard the most horrendous news possible! Apparently Disney has decided to snatch up the rights to this soon to be a 4 book series with intention of casting Miley Cyrus as the main character. Are you for real Disney???!!

That book moved me, and this is maybe why I am taking it personal, but Miley Cyrus is no fairy like creature. Sorry, but the girl in the book in the book is a blonde, ethereal, and looks fairy-like. And let’s be honest, just because Miley is Disney’s golden ticket, does not mean she is even remotely perfect for the part. Nothing against the young star, but really?

Now as far as looking at a possible candidate, I can see Dakota Fanning. She has the blonde hair, the delicate features and the most important part, she looks like a 15 year old, whereas Miley looks like she is in her 20’s. I’d even prefer an unknown actress who has the look. Granted Miley can dye her hair, but she still does not have the “look”.

Seriously Disney, please don’t kill the franchise without looking at other options when it comes to casting. Seriously!

Ok that is my rant for the day!
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Michael Jackson Memorial

I just watched it on rerun on VH-1 and I seriously was touched. I can't believe there is now a world without Michael Jackson. All of these people that came on the stage to speak or sing, who knew MJ or had met him, you could see how he truly touched people. He was a great humanitarian, a giver, and yet the only thing people want to remember him by is the negative things.

When he passed last week, I was on twitter, when the news came through that he was in the hospital. It was a surreal moment for me. Here I was an average fan, not in the fan club, no memobrilia what so ever, and never been to concert. I haven't thought about MJ not even in passing unless a song of his came on the radio.

But as soon as I saw that he was in the hospital, I felt outside myself and teared up. And then I remembered all of the moments in my life when he was important to me, which was mostly junior high or the Thriller years. I had a glove, both the Beat it and Thriller Jacket, and I knew every song that came on the radio. I was there when Billie Jean was first broadcast on MTV. These are the things I remembered in that first few minutes of finding out the news. None of the bad, negative things, but how he touched my life.

When it was announced hours later that he died, I was devastated and again I teared up. When it was time to leave from work, on all radio stations they played MJ songs and I had tears all the way home.

Looking at the memorial today, it brought home again that we are in a world without MJ to grace us with his presence. The memorial was tasteful, classy and I cried when those people like Brooke Shields spoke on what MJ meant to her. I cried when Usher broke down a little and I really cried when Paris Jackson spoke but a few, yet powerful sentences.

It was a beautiful service, and I truly feel like we as a people, and this is all colors, have lost a truly blessed man who believed in equality.

Thank you Michael, for the music, your compassion and above all else your child-like innocence. God bless you on your journey.

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Is gay erotica becoming an oversaturated genre?

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Forbidden: The Temptation by San Diego Author Samantha Sommersby

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