Sometimes I Don't Require Your Input!

It takes a lot to make me angry. But the last straw today, was my lead, my supervisor had the audacity to try to preach to me and it was not work related. He started talking about my eating habits and diabetes. Now I’m the type of person who 1) does not invite that type of personal talk and 2) we are at work. I started to walk away, and when he saw I was not listening, he then told me to “die, I don’t care”. Who does that a 10 year old who does not get his way?

It made me so angry, that I was not able to perform my job which I get paid for. I have not felt that level of anger since I was a kid and would get mad at the drop of a dime. I mean I had heat coming off my skin. Not good. I just can’t believe he thinks that is ok. I mean what if I got on his case about his parenting skills or his failures at relationships? Wouldn’t that be the same because I am doing it out of concern right?

Now if I invited him to discuss what I eat, and to tell me to be my own personal food guardian, then I can see but I did not. Not even my closets friends would do that. It is personal. Just some things that are off limits unless invited.

Now I sound like some damn food addict. Because seriously, I feel like I have to go and go on a sneak food attack. I guess it is not so much the food, as a person thinking that they can give unwarranted advice. I really, really hate those people. There is a special place in hell for them. I mean I don’t mind opinion, hell I am big on that. But I don’t go near personal stuff unless you specifically ask me for my advice and even then unless I know you.

I am still pissed off.
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Because Twitter's For Everyone Idiot!

After reading this fascinating article on celeb snobbery I’ve decided that I am going to try a social experiment.

I am going to actually start to @reply these “people” and see if I get a response. This is how I will either follow/unfollow, to see if they really are as engaging as their personas are, if they are “real” and if they are worthy of my adoration. I just want to see how willing they are to connect to the average person.

And since I am social (well according to this website I am) I should extend my humble hospitality right? See the pic of me last year? Yep I look good as a blonde. This is me being social.
So stay tuned for riveting stuff as I try to swim through all the ass-bloggery of these "celebs" and see if they are worthy of me!
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My tiny rant

I tell you, writing is solitary business. I find myself wanting to write more each day, yet my job intrudes. I need it, but I want to write full time. And make money at it.

My only thing is that I thought I'd seriously would be writing novels not reviews or articles, yet I am happy with the results. Now if only I can stop procrastination and JDI (just do it!)

I'll keep plugging away. I have to. I don't want to lose the momentum I've created for myself. Maybe being a reviewer is the way in.
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I am Gleeful over new show!

Just saw Glee, the new Fox tv show. It was awesome. The only thing is that it won't actually premier until Fall! I am soo not happy over that! I had six years of the School of Creative and Performing Arts, and it reminded me so much of that. The creative kids and the jocks. Classic! I also need more shows like this on tv. I think this is why American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and So You Think You Can Dance are popular, because people crave that kind of show. More creative shows should be the norm not the exception.

I also need more paranormal shows. I mean there are so many cop shows, so many medical shows that I feel they have saturated television with the same old thing. I need more Buffy/Firefly type shows. Shows that are either out of this world or the fantastical. Basically tired of all the relality shows that are stupid. And cheap to make. Anyway I am off my rant, just needed to get my joy out over Glee.
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I had an Epiphany: And it is good

Ok I am not a social media whiz, I am not an SEO optimizer (is that even right??), I will not promise you that I can show you how to work from home with the new, amazing next thing. I am not an advertiser, spammer, famous person or a person who thinks their famous for being on a fake reality show.

But I am a writer. I am also a mother. (See how I put writing first? Sometimes you have to be selfish!)

For the past eighteen years, I’ve been one but not the other. In the past three months, I find myself writing more than I ever wrote before, yet today is the day that I realize I am a writer.

I’ve dreamed about being a published writer since high school. I’ve dabbled for the past eighteen years, have more starts than anything (many notebooks and papers filled with ideas), and even have four stories published, yet not once would I have called myself a writer.

It has taken complete strangers, on a little known mini-blogging site, to make me realize that I can now call myself a writer and be proud.

It is because I took a chance on a whim. I was playing around on craigslist (not the adult stuff I swear) and looked under writing gigs. This is when I first started this blog, and got the idea of getting paid to blog (so far no money). I saw the listing examiner.com and I applied.

I won’t lie it scared me because I did not think it was legit as it was on craigslist. I also never heard of examiner.com. Then I went on the site, and damn near every examiner was a serious professional in his or her chosen niche. How was I to compete with that? So while I was intimidated, I went for it. And the rest they say is history (yeah cliché I know!).

I guess the reason for my musings (yeah I said musing like a real writer) is that writing is not a job, it just is. Either you do it, or you talk about it. Wow look at me, being all writerly like (ok I know not a real word but I took linguistics so I know you can change words to mean anything!).

The thing is I’d have never thought reviews would be my way in. I had dreams of being a novel writer. While I am not giving up on that dream, I am happy to write what I know. Thank you!
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San Diego Erotica Books Examiner: Erotic site review: Velvet Erotica

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San Diego Erotica Books Examiner: Dragon’s Lust: Apparently Dragons need love too

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San Diego Erotica Books Examiner: Get ready for summer with this red-hot read!

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