Sometimes I Don't Require Your Input!

It takes a lot to make me angry. But the last straw today, was my lead, my supervisor had the audacity to try to preach to me and it was not work related. He started talking about my eating habits and diabetes. Now I’m the type of person who 1) does not invite that type of personal talk and 2) we are at work. I started to walk away, and when he saw I was not listening, he then told me to “die, I don’t care”. Who does that a 10 year old who does not get his way?

It made me so angry, that I was not able to perform my job which I get paid for. I have not felt that level of anger since I was a kid and would get mad at the drop of a dime. I mean I had heat coming off my skin. Not good. I just can’t believe he thinks that is ok. I mean what if I got on his case about his parenting skills or his failures at relationships? Wouldn’t that be the same because I am doing it out of concern right?

Now if I invited him to discuss what I eat, and to tell me to be my own personal food guardian, then I can see but I did not. Not even my closets friends would do that. It is personal. Just some things that are off limits unless invited.

Now I sound like some damn food addict. Because seriously, I feel like I have to go and go on a sneak food attack. I guess it is not so much the food, as a person thinking that they can give unwarranted advice. I really, really hate those people. There is a special place in hell for them. I mean I don’t mind opinion, hell I am big on that. But I don’t go near personal stuff unless you specifically ask me for my advice and even then unless I know you.

I am still pissed off.



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