I had an Epiphany: And it is good

Ok I am not a social media whiz, I am not an SEO optimizer (is that even right??), I will not promise you that I can show you how to work from home with the new, amazing next thing. I am not an advertiser, spammer, famous person or a person who thinks their famous for being on a fake reality show.

But I am a writer. I am also a mother. (See how I put writing first? Sometimes you have to be selfish!)

For the past eighteen years, I’ve been one but not the other. In the past three months, I find myself writing more than I ever wrote before, yet today is the day that I realize I am a writer.

I’ve dreamed about being a published writer since high school. I’ve dabbled for the past eighteen years, have more starts than anything (many notebooks and papers filled with ideas), and even have four stories published, yet not once would I have called myself a writer.

It has taken complete strangers, on a little known mini-blogging site, to make me realize that I can now call myself a writer and be proud.

It is because I took a chance on a whim. I was playing around on craigslist (not the adult stuff I swear) and looked under writing gigs. This is when I first started this blog, and got the idea of getting paid to blog (so far no money). I saw the listing examiner.com and I applied.

I won’t lie it scared me because I did not think it was legit as it was on craigslist. I also never heard of examiner.com. Then I went on the site, and damn near every examiner was a serious professional in his or her chosen niche. How was I to compete with that? So while I was intimidated, I went for it. And the rest they say is history (yeah cliché I know!).

I guess the reason for my musings (yeah I said musing like a real writer) is that writing is not a job, it just is. Either you do it, or you talk about it. Wow look at me, being all writerly like (ok I know not a real word but I took linguistics so I know you can change words to mean anything!).

The thing is I’d have never thought reviews would be my way in. I had dreams of being a novel writer. While I am not giving up on that dream, I am happy to write what I know. Thank you!



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