Because Twitter's For Everyone Idiot!

After reading this fascinating article on celeb snobbery I’ve decided that I am going to try a social experiment.

I am going to actually start to @reply these “people” and see if I get a response. This is how I will either follow/unfollow, to see if they really are as engaging as their personas are, if they are “real” and if they are worthy of my adoration. I just want to see how willing they are to connect to the average person.

And since I am social (well according to this website I am) I should extend my humble hospitality right? See the pic of me last year? Yep I look good as a blonde. This is me being social.
So stay tuned for riveting stuff as I try to swim through all the ass-bloggery of these "celebs" and see if they are worthy of me!



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