It is almost that time!

Tomorrow is my official day at the Comic Con! I purchased my and my kid's tickets on August 21, 2008, because I knew going in for the third time, it would be uber-crazy to get in! I am a big fan of the con, not because I dress up in wacky costumes, no it is because I enjoy the others who took time to craft those wacky costumes!

Now the last two years, I spent on the convention floor trying to get all the freebies I could get my hands on! But this year my goal is to go to some of the panels and if my luck is holding get some autographs and pictures! Even on the convention floor, there is opportunities to get pics and autos, but I am looking for bigger fish this year.

Yes I am talking about New Moon and True Blood panels. I missed out last year, and I can kick myself for not going there. But it is ok as I am prepared to stand in line and try to get up close and personal with my favorite authors/actors.

I will also blog my experiences each night as well. Just look on me as your friendly reporter!



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