Why Being Nice Sucks Part 2

More rules that you as a customer should follow. Remember it will make you're transaction easier and faster and make your customer service rep happy to not use your personal information for nefarious means due to you're lack of compassion.

Please do note curse or belittle rep. Seriously folks, you do know that this just really delays any help you might have had. All is does is frustrate you and make you look like an idiot. Seriously.

Please, when giving info like your address or email or whatever, speak slow and concise. This can not be stressed enough! Especially over the phone. Rattling off numbers fast will only make the rep ask you to repeat again and again until you’re frustrated and pissy, which could have been avoided if you had a little patience to begin with!

Please, when calling in, keep it as simple as possible. This means that when you call in, there is no need to tell your life story of the problem, making it bigger than it is. The rep can only take so much information before they start to tune you out and ask you target specific questions such as “what specifically did you need done today” or “why are you calling today” or put you on hold and hope to god that somewhere in your file there is an answer to what you may be asking. A 2 minute call can go into a 15 minute monologue because of misdirection and not knowing how to ask a simple question. Basically stop making statements and just ask the question.

With these simple lessons you will be a much happier person, and that is all the customer service rep wants. Thanks for stopping by!


autumn said...

haha! so very true. i am an admin assistant and there's nothing worse than listening to someone rattle things off and get all angry and stuff. luckily, my friend dirtygirl fields most of those calls now. I just say "one moment and I'll put you through to dirtygirl" hehehe...at least i don't have to deal with quite as much anymore. :)

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nettagyrl said...

lol! Glad you see where I am coming from! These are the things I want to say to people but can't! =D

Recent blog:=- Why Being Nice Sucks Part 2

Bombchell said...

lol one of my bestie's works customer service at direct tv. and she gets frustrated that ppl call her pissed cuz she cant really do anything.

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nettagyrl said...

lol! And this is why she should read these simple rules. =D I wrote them and I had to read them again! Thanks for stopping by!

Recent blog:=- Why Being Nice Sucks Part 2


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