Why Being Nice Sucks! Part 1

I've been doing customer service since I was sixteen. From fast food to telemarketing to customer support rep. And I can tell you it sucks! People are mean, rude and expect miracles in 15 seconds flat. So I made some rules and etiquette when calling in or speaking to anyone who must service your needs, in a retail way of course!

The Must have rules when calling in to customer service. This will avoid headaches, confusion, and all-around bitchiness when talking to the person on the other end of the line.

1. Please have all your ish(the nice word for poop) before you get started. As a customer service rep, that is a really irritating thing to have to sit and have you rummage around for things. Just be ready as this avoids frustration on both parts!

2. Please do not call pissed off. You’re mad, you have every right to be, but you do know that 99% of the time, the person answering the phone doesn’t know what your issue is, and chances are real good, they could have probably helped, but if your blowing your stack the second they answer you have not only alienated the rep, you’ve also pissed them off as well. Advice? Try not to call angry, and remember the person your mad at is not the rep, but the big guy. Yell at him/her!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been the customer and have had rude customer service reps, which have made me go from 0-60 on the piss-o-meter. But honestly as both a customer and a customer service rep, I can say that it sure does suck to be the rep!

Part 2 tomorrow!



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