Friends...How many of Us Have Them?

I can say the I honestly only have two best friends. While I am a people person and love to yack it up, I find that people just don't get me. My two best buds do and that is why I call them friends.

I have quite a few aquaintences both online and in the real world, like I said I am a people person. These are people I talk to, who I might even hang out with, but for the most part I don't trust people easily to come into my inner circle. I speak from personal experience.

In high school I had many friends and one girl in particular was a best friend. I knew her since kindergarten, though she moved away. I saw her again in junior high school and we basically picked up the friendship as if there was no time lost.

Well after high school, we still hung out, but I became pregnant at 19, and after I had my oldest I got my own apartment. Because her mom still treated her like she twelve, I offered her to let her move in with me, to pay half of everything.

Well she stayed with me a month. At first it was all good, until she started inviting her boyfriend and his friends to always be at the apt. They ate up everything and was using my phone like it was theirs. Then she got stupid and started buying her own food and such. She refused to pay the phone bill and by the end of the month, we hated each other.

Suffice it to say I never made that mistake again. Hell I won't even move in with my sister because one of us would be dead.

In hindsight though, me and the ex-best friend should have had a plan. I have not seen nor spoken to her since then and I don't regret it.

And this is why I only have two best friends. And that is how it will probably stay, unless I can find another person out there who can get my ways.



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