Memory Triggers

I saw a red Delorean this morning on the freeway on my way to work. On the back of the car was this contraption that had me wondering what the “heck is that”?

As I got closer to the vehicle I saw that it was that blender contraption just like in the movie Back to the Future! Then I started thinking about the movie that came out in 1985 and how at 14 years old, I saw that movie countless times, because like every body was in love with Michael J. Fox.

Then as I was going down memory lane, I realized that there were no red Deloreans (at least not factory color). Then upon further inspection of said memory, the car itself became funny to me. Why? Because in 1985, that was our version of a futuristic car and yet it is in no way a reflection of what is out there today.

The purpose of this post, is that everyday there is something out there that will trigger a memory from the past, and this straight took me down a path of fun time memories for me. Being 14 with no cares in the world, except what was happening at school. I was in the ninth grade and I had my first boyfriend, Michael Jackson was singing "Beat It" and everyone was doing the "Thriller" dance.

This was a time of awesome clothing (I am so lying right here!), and awesome phrases. Cheesy movies and even more awesome the video games that were supposed to be the it games! All in all this was a fun little memory for me and if I ever forget it, I can always go online and watch How were the 80's on VH-1, cuz frankly, it seems people can't leave the decade alone!

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