School Books are Ridiclously High!

Took my son the College student to get his books. My lord they are expensive! I did college 4 years ago and even then it was crazy, but living in California, it is even worse. He only purchased 5 books for $406! That is more than tuition for a semester.

Thank god my aunt provided a scholarship for him, but he still needs two more books and the amount for this semester is only $500 of the money.

So I told him that we are taking a book back. I quite forgot about half.com where you can find used books for cheap.

We found a math book for $1.75. No lie. The catch? It is the wrong edition. It is the ninth whereas the bookstore has the lastest edition. That is the racket you see, with these publishers. They keep putting out new editions when half the time the only thing that changes is the friggen pictures.

Math has been the same since the pythagorean theorem! Ok a bit of an exaggeration but these publishers will charge over $100 for a book that really has the same math in it. So he taking the $114 dollar book back which is seriously used and wait for a book that we purchased for $1.75.

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