Office Politics

I've been frustrated all week. I just need to let out some serious steam because work has been hell. My company was once a small family owned company that took care of its employees and did fun things like decorate cubicles for teammates birthdays, take off early on the day before holidays, company parties, that sort of thing. Well it got bought out by a big corporation. The problem is the small company is among other small companies and has to ask for permission small things if it is not within budget.

Why I'm frustrated is that there are not enough people in my department to answer phone calls which means that a lot of calls are coming thru but only so many people can answer it, which in turn frustrate customers who in turn frustrate people who anwer the phone! Not a happy time.

So I've been frustrated cuz there seems no end in sight. I like the company cuz some of the family members still work there and they are wonderful, yet with the small company swallowed up by the big fish it makes it hard to get out of bed. Just saying.



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