Having the sex talk with your kids

This is one of those topics that some parents seem to dread. Not me. Why? Well because when I was in elementary school, I was totally clueless, until the 6th grade where the teacher took on the role of parent for one week and taught us all the basics of our bodies and what the male and female body parts were.

That’s nice and all but I wish my parents had the guts to tell me themselves. It was an awkward time for me and as kids do, we all laughed at the words. The whole thing was funny. Especially as the films had to be at least ten years old.

Fast forward to the future. I had the talk with my kids. I refused for them to have wrong information, or learn it from other kids. So I asked my boys point blank one day where do babies come from. Now I asked this question while I was driving us home from work and school. And I thought it was a good place, you know all together in one place. FYI don’t ever talk your kids about sex ed in the car. Why?

Well the answers they gave me made me laugh so hard I almost ran us off the road. So not a good place to have the talk. Here is what they told me. They said that babies come from a girls butt. After I controlled my laughter to a titter, I had to ask where they got that idea. Well since girls sit down to pee, the only logical conclusion was her butt as they thought that is where a girl peed from. More laughter and tears were streaming at this point.

So I explained that a girl has two holes down there, one to pee the other to poop. And then I explained the process of how a baby comes out of the hole, and the look on their faces told it all. Girls were icky to the 10th power.

Of course we have had more conversations on the sex talk and as they grew older, I incorporated words as to what the body parts are called and all that good stuff. The only talk I was leery of having: why they took such long showers? Did have it, but it was hard to explain that part and quite awkard all around, lol but I’d still rather tell them about that then talk to girl about her period. I don’t envy any parent that task.

The purpose of this is that it is best to have the talk with your kids before other influences come in to play. It is better that they have the right knowledge than some of the idiotic things kids come up with. Thanks for stopping by and don’t be afraid!


autumn said...

oh i love this! i laughed so hard and thought of similar conversations with my boys. my goodness where do they come up with some of the things they say? too funny!

thanks for following my blog. i looked at your writing site also. i really enjoyed it but didn't have a response that was very clever. on the spot and alll..

i enjoy your style and would like to link you. do you have a blog preference for me to do that?

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