Take this blog...and love it!

I've been trying to figure this blogging thing out and I think I have it. I've been blogging since March this year, and it has taken me this past week, to understand how to get traffic to my site. I can tell you this, it takes a lot of friggen work!

But I can say that efforts are beginning to pay off. Glad people are stopping by to see what I'm all about.

The name of the blog Zesty Nachos is all about my life's little moments, and it was my son' s idea. I was trying to figure out a creative name for my site that also was about me. So Zesty as in a zest for life and Nachos, cuz everybody loves Nachos (at least I think that is true!)

So far the attention I am getting is uber awesome and I hope to reciprocate on other blogs as well. Showing love is an equal opportunity, that I am just beginning to understand! Happy Blogging ya'll!



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