One Person's pursuit of actually finishing what she started!

I finally started writing again, but not what I thought I would be doing. I am writing reviews for Erotic e-book publishers as well as erotic books. Have to say that I am having a blast. The funny thing is, I am doing all the things established, published writers do which is actually sit down and write something. Yes I am prompted by the web site or book I am reading, but I still have to actually create something to say. That is some powerful stuff.

Now if only I can do that for myself personally. Or actually get off my lazy caboose and exercise. Ha Ha Ha. If only it were so simple. But maybe it is. I mean so many people do it every single day, yet procrastination is thy name.

So these are my questions. Which I hope someone answers!

I like to know what keeps a person typing from beginning to end to create or craft a story. I want to know how a person does not get distracted from the big picture, which in this case would be the “book”.

I want to continue to get into a habit of writing everyday, because I truly like the way I sound when I read my words out loud. Honestly I think I rock, but of course that is my personal opinion, and if I don’t have my own back who will?!

Want to see my writing in action? Click here for my recent reviews. Click here if you’re over 18 and not easily offended by the words of others whose sole purpose is to titillate and arouse. (I have no control if you decide to go explorin’. You’re on your own on this website.)



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