An Average Persons Take on Twitter and What They’ve Learned While Tweeting about Stuff

Twitter is this really cool mini blog site that allows me to let people know about my day in 140 characters or less. At least that is what the home page said before I signed up.

But since I am already on myspace and facebook, why should I do another social media platform? I mean what could Twitter do for me?

Well a lot it turns out. I started twittering March 12, 2009. Why? Well I started writing for examiner.com in San Diego (erotica stuff) and one of their big things is viral marketing. Not really familiar with that term as I am not a marketer of anything, I decided to give Twitter a try. I am also an average person with an average job. I’m not a motivational coach, author, celebrity, marketing genius, html code writer, owner of my own company, savvy blogger writer, real estate agent, or anything else that stands out on Twitter.

Twitter for the brand new person, is not fun. Why? Because when I first signed up, there are people for me to follow if I click ok. Well I decided to not follow them and started off with no followers, which I saw right away was a mistake. There are also so many little details that I didn’t get at first, which frustrated me and of course I was not going to ask!

Well through trial and error, I finally figured Twitter out enough to understand that it is an important tool to work with.

First off, following leads to people following you. Weird huh? I thought so too but I can tell you hands down it works. The more people I followed (done manually, by clicking “follow”) the more people jumped on my personal bandwagon (now I did try one of those fun little tools “get 20,000 people in 30 days” well fell flat and kinda sucked)! And that was something I didn’t get right away, because in my thinking, why do I want to read what others have to tweet if they are not in my niche (yeah another thing I found out about. For example, I am a reviewer of erotica, so I started looking for people who would be more willing to read what I posted, like other erotica writers or anyone with the name erotic)?

But that thinking is wrong, because when I finally started following others not in my niche, I was able to learn what re-tweeting was all about (basically copy a tweet you think is cool, put RT in front voila you’ve sent a shout out over the twitterverse), what replies to @nettagyrl means (this one is fun because unlike direct mail which goes to the individual only, this function is to specific person and all your followers can also see the tweet), and why people direct message. I also learned that there are people who are hilarious and willing to show people how much they can get out of Twitter. These are the tools that make Twitter the powerhouse that it is!

From advice to counseling to reading what someone just ate (and yes I am one of those who will tweet almost anything!) to learning what your favorite celebrity is doing, to knowing how you can achieve marketing gold, Twitter allows all of these people to interact in real time who otherwise would never meet.

So I follow almost anyone who follows me. Who I don’t follow are people without a bio or where there location is or any updates. It makes me think that it is probably a spam-bot and those are never fun!

Bottom line, Twitter is here to stay and I am glad I got in when I did. While it is a mini blog about your day, dreams, triumphs, updates, work, fun, it is also a social media powerhouse that is here to stay. And no I didn’t get paid for this darn it! I love to talk; it says so on my Twitter bio!

Any thoughts? Please tell me why you Twitter or why you don’t. Want to follow me? Click here: http://twitter.com/nettagyrl as I randomize about stuff everyday. Thanks!



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