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My challenge is as follows: Around 750 words, rated no higher than PG-13

Your hero/heroine are trapped in Norman Bate's house. Your heroine is pregnant and about to give birth and Norman is restless >;>

Please include: honey, a roach (I'll leave that one to your imagination), and heck the diseased monkey was so fun to play with I'll throw him into your story too.

My name is Stewie. I’ve been living here at Norman Bates house for what seems like forever. For the most part he leaves me be and I just go from room to room enjoying my freedom.

That is until the day they came to be here. It was a dark, stormy night. The house was an old one and it tended to sway and creek in weather such as these and I usually sat in my own space until the weather cleared up.

Tonight, for the first time in a long time, there was a knocking on the door. I knew no one would answer, because Norman was not up to greeting anyone, as he was recently bit by a diseased monkey the other day.

He was out back taking care of his garden when he heard a rustling noise and looked up at the same time a rabid, bald monkey jumped on him. He was able to get it off of him, but not before it bit him. Ever since then he has been very quiet and not quite right in the eyes.

Instead of walking away, the knocker had the audacity to try for the door, and of course it would be unlocked as Norman never locked the door. He just never had visitors of any kind.

“Hello, is anyone home?”

I became angry on Norman’s behalf, because, well it was just plain rude to walk in unannounced. Then I looked as the speaker turned out to be a man soaked from the rain. He was followed by a very pregnant woman, also soaked.

“Honey, I don’t…”

“Are you alright?”

“No. The pain…Too much pain.”

I peeked out further and saw the woman holding her stomach and panting. Holy crap, she made a mess on Norman’s floor. Oh this was not good, not good at all.

“Come on honey. This place looks abandoned.”

The woman was panting, not moving as the man looked around.

“Over there hon, a sofa for you to lie down upon. Come on, not much further.”

“I want to go to a hospital Luke, not have our baby in a damn shack!”

The woman started crying as her husband pulled her towards the sofa.

“Clarissa, sweetie, remember the car broke down? Thank god this house was here.”

She turned her head from him and breathed in and out as she laid down.

I saw all of this from my hidey hole in the wall. Then I heard it. The thump, drag, thump of Norman as he walked. Oh, these people were gonna get it, though I felt a bit sorry for the woman. She did get impregnated by the the big lug.

I wanted to warn the woman, because I knew that Norman would not be happy, oh no he would not. I crept out of my hole and walked over to the sofa real stealthy like. I crept up the sofa until I was facing her. I peeked behind and saw her husband checking out the rest of the house.

Then she turned towards me and screamed so loud and long I thought my little brain would explode.

“Oh my god, Clarissa is it the baby?”

“That’s it! There are vermin here! I will not have my baby here, I refuse!”

So saying she scrambled to get up while I looked on. Her husband looked down to where I was.

“Dear, it is just a little roach, something I can step on. We really can not go on anymore…”

Oh oh, this was not good, not good. Norman appeared in the hallway. He looked horrible, and upon further inspection he had one of those honey bottles shaped like a bear. He was drinking it like water, and I shuddered as even I thought it was gross.

“What in the hell is that racket?”

The man and woman were standing very close to the door, looking a little scared, as well they should. Norman wasn’t just crazy, now he was monkey diseased as well, which explained why he was drinking the honey.

“Oh pardon us sir, see my wife is going into labor, and well we thought no one was home. We did knock.”

Norman scratched his head with the honey bear bottle, leaving some in his hair. I have to say it was not at all working for him.

The woman chose that moment to clutch her belly and scream.

“Oh, then in that case, by all means stay awhile.”

Under his breath, Norman whispered, “I’ve always wanted a baby brother, hehe.”

I shook my head sadly. Too bad for them. I really liked the lady.



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