30 Day Squat Challenge complete!

I did it! Honestly did not think I would be able to complete that amount of squats, but I was bound and determined. I started this challenge for purely selfish and vanity reasons. I was losing my butt. Started eating differently and I started losing weight and inches and my butt seem to be losing the battle.

So I set forth and squatted. Oh did I do it. I even got sick in the middle of the squats, but I never stopped, I kept going, only resting when indicated. I took a picture at day 14, noticing a difference. Sometimes I swear I see something other times I don’t. But I have watched my butt like a hawk, and I can say with confidence that I have won the battle if not the war on the loss of my butt.

Sometimes I think I am a tad too fixated on that area, however, I think it has been worth it. Now that this challenge is over, I will continue to do the squats but a much more manageable number, and I want to do different ones, not just general squat. This is why I like this site called 100 Squats a day. Great way to keep going without losing the edge. 

Now that the challenge is over, I feel the need to take on another one, and settled on the 30 Day Lunge Challenge. I like the pace I am setting for myself, not too much too fast. I like the idea of building my lower body, and working my way until I get to the point, these challenges will be incorporated in my overall daily routines.

So check out the pics which are Day 1, Day 14 and Day 30 and tell me if you see the difference. I can tell you that my thighs have benefited greatly (I feel stronger!), and I can’t wait to see what the next 30 days will bring!!

For those wanting to do their own challenges, here is an awesome site that has all the challenges to date without the annoying butt shots and super fit people lol. http://30dayfitnesschallenges.com/ Oh and I am not a doctor or fitness guru, so I am not responsible or liable for these items I found on the web. I am just telling you about my own journey. Good Luck!


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