And I'm Telling You...

I started chapter 2 of my story and I am uber excited. But then I remembered that I had written a chapter 2 and 3 already and went on a search. Unfortunately I had a different computer that stopped working on me so no luck finding on my current computer. So I remembered my fiction writing class I took, and looked through all my papers (yep I still have them). I found only one copy but it is one that was heavily critiqued. I tell you, being the only one in a class who actually reads the subject she wants to write is not really helpful. While the class overall was awesome (such as helping with mixing tenses and other grammar fun) some people really didn’t know the art of good constructive feedback.

So I am going to be joining the fishtank (a place for people like me looking to get critques and feedback on erotica), thanks to another blogger Marc Nobb (who is also a published author, so yeah I will take his advice). I looked over the site and I think and hope it will be a good fit. I mean, I know what I like to read as a reader, so I am hoping that will translate well when I start writing.

I am also going to have to start a new blog. The horror!! I am so busy, but I think it is what I need. I started a yahoo group, but I don’t like how my story structure came out, no indents, and just plain weird looking. I am looking to come up with a pen name and alter ego for my new blog. Something sassy, sarcastic and sensual (wow I used alliteration!!). While my own Name rocks like no tomorrow, I want something that showcases me and the style of writing I have chosen to write.

I came up with this name Ebonee Blaque, but for some reason I really think it is either already taken, or it sounds like a porn star name. And I can not have a porn sounding name. So I am going to be brainstorming.

Here is a question to you. What would your pen name be? For any genre of writing. I think this will be fun. And this is hoping people read my blog. Why? Cuz I have to stuff to say dammit! So look for my new blog soon. Now I have to think like a Writer. Nice.


Obsidian Bookshelf on March 26, 2009 at 6:22 PM said...

Your name as I see it on Twitter is a pretty cool name! I'd suggest using that. Sometimes writers who write m/m erotica go with names that sound male or gender-neutral. Or you could go with something that sounds passionate like "Storm" or "Blaze". Or if you wanted something like "Ebonee" but more realistic, you could go with "Jet". Same meaning and a very cool sound. Good luck! Best, Val at Obsidianbookshelf blog

nettagyrl on March 27, 2009 at 3:42 PM said...

Ohh I like what you've said and your right, I've noticed that m/m erotica writers do have masculine sounding names, only to be surprised there women. I like the name of your blog and I was playing around with obsidian when I realized I've seen it already. lol And Jet rocks as well. I will think more on pen names as I write words today. =) Thank you!


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