Twittdiction: No longer a myth

My name is Dr. Bolina Twittdina, and I am a Twitteroligist at the Institute of Twittology. For the last couple of months (weeks actually) I have done extensive research on this disease and have come to the conclusion that Twittdiction is very real.

Here are the ten symptoms of Twittdiction:

When you speak with people off of Twitter, you begin to speak with “tw” sounds, i.e. twype, twalk, etc.

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is log onto your twitter account to see how many followers you gained/loss overnight.

You “tweet” things that you would not normally “talk” about.

You constantly sit at your desk reading your twitter page on your computer or device, reading the daily second by second details of the people you follow.

You @reply “celebrities” in the hope they will “tweet” you back.

When you’re in a business meeting and all you can think about is what to “tweet” next.

When you get to work, you check your twitter page before you check work related emails.

You begin to see “twitter” everywhere.

You can’t hear or see the word “tweet” without smiling.

You send “tweets” at inappropriate times, i.e. when you’re in church, during weddings, at a bar with your “real” friends, or while you’re in a hospital visiting sick people.

If you display one or more of these symptoms you have Twittdiction. Currently there is no cure.

You may want to contact your local Twittologist if you are logged on to twitter for more than 4 hours straight, as this could cause headaches, blurry vision, or random tweets.

Thanks and forward this report on. Together we can find a cure.



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