Twilight: Is Fighting Words to Some

My son, my 18 year old son, pissed me off a little bit the other day. See I am a tiny bit obsessed with Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Books as well as the movie. I say a tiny bit, because I do not talk about it everyday, but I do sleep with Edward Cullen. You know the Edward blanket from Hot Topic? I see that blanket with his big ‘ol face on it and I smile. I also own several Twilight items that I am proud to display. From shoestrings to band-aids to an Edward watch.

But as I was saying, my son ticked me off. I believe he was reading some forum and someone happened to mention how stupid it was that the vampires in Stephanie Meyer’s book sparkle. He looked up from his lap top and asked me straight face, is that true. As I was ready to launch into my Twilight fever voice, he proceeded to laugh his ass off. Then as he saw the look on my face tells me that is the stupidest thing he ever heard of. Well as I tried to explain that it was her take on vampires, he absolutely refused to hear anymore on the subject.

Am I the only one in this world who has a child/husband/boyfriend (male) who just not get this phenomenon? I even told him before he opened his mouth to bash something to actually look at it himself. He refused of course. I swear for his punishment I want to tie him and force the movie on him. But that would Twilight abuse huh? Well he is an adult so I can’t go to jail, right?

I guess I need people like him to stop basing their opinions from other people’s opinion that still may or may not have read or seen the movie. At least my 14 year old wanted to see what it was all about before he made a decision, which he didn’t like it. That’s fine.

Granted this is all about opinions and such, but am I wrong in thinking that in order to be taken seriously shouldn’t a person have at least read or watched Twilight? Or is it me being a mom with boys instead of girls?


Enid Wilson on June 25, 2009 at 1:18 AM said...

I have similar problem with my family with Pride and Prejudice. Every time I want to switch on the DVD to rewatch the tv series, they will tsk tsk, frown and leave.. YUCK!

Bargain with the Devil

nettagyrl on June 29, 2009 at 7:00 AM said...

I know! And last night was talking to my boys about a story I wanted to write, and they just started telling me how horrible it would be! I was so angry because writing is so personal to me. =D But I realize that everyone has something they hold dear to them, and yet I listen to others and encourage them. oh well!


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