When A Bully Gets Pwned!

You know what is funny? Perez Hilton. He is a nothing more than a big bully, yet when he finally gets called out, he starts to cry about his rights and just blah, blah, blah. I have no idea why he thought he was off limits to the bashery that made him famous or should I say infamous? Seriously it has been a long time coming. And now even GLAAD is kind of washing their hands of him and his antics. They want him to apologize for the things he said.


Because Perez threw out Gay slurs in such a derogatory way that does not help his people or their cause. I think he should have got his comeuppance when he bashed Carrie Prejean because of her beliefs, but it takes him slurring his own to finally make people wake up and realize that he is nothing more than a bully, hiding behind his so called freedom of speech.

Well I just had to comment on the mess that is him because seriously Perez egged on the Manager to the Black Eye Peas, then he had the utter gall to not only tweet about it as it was happening, but to blame will.i.am on top of it. Who does that? Ok I would (tweet stuff that happens in real time that is), but seriously if you are being attacked, wouldn’t you use your phone to actually, I don’t know, call for assistance? Just saying.
What is comes down to, is that being a bully never wins for long. They always get theirs in one way or another. Tell me what you think.



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