Some embarrasing moments at work

I love blogging. It allows a person to truly express themselves like a personal diary except anyone could read it. Today I was talking to my friend about things in general when I told her about two embarrassing moments that happened to me while at work. I just started laughing all over again just thinking about my situations and I tell you they are hilarious.

First I will start off as these happened. It was the late 90’s and I was a glorified telemarketer and I would sometimes where wigs. Well the room I was in held about eight people plus the CEO in his office to keep an eye on us. We would sometimes talk in between making calls and someone said something that was extremely funny and as I tend to do I laugh with my whole body and I tilted my head back forgetting I had on a wig, which was not secured by the way. Before you knew it the wig flew off and the real laughter began.

For almost two minutes after it jumped off my head, all I could do was leave it on the ground as we were just laffing too hard. They would look at my head, which was covered in a stocking cap, to the braided monstrosity on the floor and start all over again. I think that whole room, CEO included, were on a laugh fest for fifteen minutes straight.

The next incident only involved me and one other co-worker. Was also a different job. This was probably around 2005-2006. Now this incident will forever be etched in my memory. I was at my cubicle and the girl next to me was in hers working. I had to plug my radio in to the socket, so I got on my knees first, then bent over. Then that is when it happened. A blast, and not from the past. I immediately shot up and looked behind me. The girl had this look on her face that was more like “did I or didn’t I?” Seeing the look I said “excuse me” and that was the magic phrase. We both fell out and laughed for thirty minutes straight no lie. The more we thought about it the harder we laughed and I mean hard, you know where you are coughing?

So these are two moments in my life where embarrassing things happened to me. I am still laughing to myself at the moments. Ah memories.

Do you have any embarrassing moments in your life that still make you laugh today? I so want to know!


Mommy Kennedy on January 18, 2010 at 1:33 PM said...

Too funny! Following you back on Twitter (thanks for the #3) & Google Friend. I also dropped my EC.

My most embarrassing moment at work was when I was wearing one of those push up water bras from VS. Damn thing leaked on me. You would have thought I was lactating! Can you believe it? Right in front of one of the hottest co-workers I had too!


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