30 Day Squat Challenge.... Really?

So  why did I decide to do this insane  challenge? There are several reasons why.

Possibly  the most important reason is because I  felt ready to actually push myself to  do such a challenge.

Since  May 2013, I made a conscious choice  to change my eating habits. I did  not want to go on a diet, which I'v been on before, and while I've lost weight, I also gained it back not really learning my lesson.

No  in May I spoke to my brother, who  is a personal trainer, to create a  meal plan for me. It was hard, very, very hard to put myself on the regime since I was a 1 to 2 times a day eater.

Fast  forward a couple of months of eating  less but more times a day, and for  the most part making healthier choices and intermittent exercise (walking) I felt really good as well as had more energy. Along with that my weight loss was a thing of beauty, with the exception of one thing: the loss of my butt.

That  is the second reason I decided to  do the insane 30 day squat challenge.  I look at it as a way to get into another established routine like my eating, something that will help me in the long run. Also I want my booty back.

I  am on day 14 and I am shocked  that I completed 130 squats so far  (day 13). The goal at day 30 will be 250. I don't feel a change in my butt, however doing the squats with the eating and the occasional walking, I can say that my thighs are losing inches. How do I know this? My pants are fitting better around my thighs. It feels damn good.

Would  I recommend anyone take on this challenge?  No. Unless you feel that you are  in a good spot with yourself, then that is entirely up to you. For me it is a good way to challenge myself to keep going and to see how far I can truly go.


Kate Sherrod on September 16, 2013 at 6:08 PM said...

I think you will pwn this. I do lots of squats, and my sister did/is doing it, so maybe I'll join y'all!

nettagyrl on September 17, 2013 at 8:29 PM said...

Thank you!! :)


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