Another 30 Day Challenge started

With one set of 30 Day Challenges complete, I picked up a second one to continue working on my bottom half. I decided to do lunges, and I will admit they seem harder than the squats! Or maybe I just got used to the squats.

I am now on Day 5. I am up to 40 lunges and I am also continuing my squats but only 100 per day. I still feel the burn, and I am excited to see what these lunges will do for my bottom half.

I did miss a day, and while it is not what I planned, I just consider it a rest day. I am not even bummed or miffed about it. I like my new attitude about keeping my goals and not beating myself up about it.

Though I still have doubts. I have been posting my days on Facebook, but somehow I’ve gotten it into my head that nobody really wants to read about that. However I was clearly mistaken, as I got a few words of encouragement to keep posting. Because it helps me keep myself accountable. Which it does.

I am determined to take one day at a time, at 30 day intervals. I like how I physically feel, and how loose my jeans feel. Even my overall outlook on life has changed a bit, even though I can still be a bitch when provoked… Do not even get me started on the daily trials I have to deal with on public transportation.

Personally I don’t see myself as some kind of guru, just a person who is really trying to be a better person to herself, no matter how much she loves food, and is generally a lazy person when it comes to exercise. That is probably the hardest thing for me on this journey of self-discovery, trying to get in the habit of moving. I am taking baby steps, and so far my mind is set on go.

Anyway that I blab a bit on here. I feel more words of what -ever will trickle through me into this blog. Sometimes I just have so much to say, you know?


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