Goals: Here is looking at ya 2010!

Hi all! Happy New Year! This is my last blog post until 2010. I have some goals that I am hoping to see bear fruit.

1. I am hoping to get my first short story published. I have given the first draft out to several friends, but only one has read it so far and given me thumbs up on the short story. I want them to hurry, but I am saying that because it is my baby.

2. I will start online dating. Why? Because I need a plus 1. You know when invitations go out and it has your name and a spot for a plus 1? Well I am planning on a cruise in June or July and I need a plus 1 to share a room, because frankly singles are punished on trips such as these. So I am hopeful for some fun, though I have tried the online thing before but I feel that I am in a different frame of mind, so we shall see.

3. Getting healthy. I could say lose weight or go on a diet, but that would happen with getting healthy. I have tried diets in the past and I have lost weight, but getting healthy I feel is long term and not a quick fix. I am ready.

4. I was thinking of running a marathon, but then I think that would be pushing it, though I would like to try, so I will keep this goal on the back burner and revisit again in a year.

5. And last but not least, I am planning a Europe trip for 2011 and I am bound and determined to save money for this trip. I have been thinking about it for the past 4 years, and I am ready.

6. Oh wait, this is the last goal! Writing! Writing! Writing! My goal is to write more on this blog, my book reviews which are sorely lacking and crafting more stories to publish in general! Ok that is it! See ya next year!


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