Just a Random Thoughts Post

As I sit here and wait for "V" to come on, what if there really are aliens out there, just waiting for us? I do have an active imagination, but sometimes I think it goes over board.

A couple of years ago, when I was in my twenties when I got into a Astro Bounce with my friend. I had never been in one and we both decided to try it. There were kids in there too and we were having a blast until the damn bounce started losing air. Us adults tried to leave first before the kids, but me and my girl got stuck in the entrance because the kids decided to bumrush us and get out too. Let's just say I peed a little from laughing very, very hard. I was not even breathing some of time as I was just laughing like a little kid. Good times.

I have a job that requires large amounts of caffeine in order for me to keep my sanity. Even during Princess Mode (some of you know it as pms). But even with copious amounts of Coffee, people still amaze me with how friggen rude they are. I answer the phone, why in the hell would you start yelling at me? I finally had it today and had to tell a man point blank that I was not the cause of his distress and in order for me to help him he needed to stop going off on me. I said it very pleasantly, but I had to go there. I got him to where he needed to be, but I had a headache after wards.

I love twitter! I love being random and tweeting in 140 characters. But I am way pissed that a guy is now getting a TV show from his tweets. WTH? Ok maybe he is funny, but still, maybe I need to kick my tweets up a notch? Hmm.



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