Twelve babies... Is that seriously possible??


This is one of those strange stories that make you say WTFH? Holding one baby for nine months is hard, but twelve? I read the story, which is pretty crazy by the way, but for damn near the whole pregnancy, which is dangerous, this chick has to seriously be on bed rest. I mean the uterus can stretch, but a football field? I shudder at the idea of having another child so this is like a serious punishment for me!

But I get why these people took fertility drugs because they were having trouble getting pregnant, but come on! She is like some kind of side-show freak!

Ok side note: Love my bambinos, but I absolutely hated being pregnant and I did it three times. This is why the idea of having to resort to extra help makes me shudder at the possible outcome, though I've always said it be great if I could switch with someone. Why? Cuz I am fertile myrtle!

So sorry for my commentary but I am scared for that lady. In all honesty I hope each and every child is born healthy and strong and this woman comes thru alright. And for the right amount of money she could have had my reproductive organs. Just saying.



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