Working on my Music List for NaNoWriMo

I love music. I love listening to whats on the radio, but I love when I personally find a new artist, at least new to me. I am an avid viewer of Castle, an interesting TV show on Monday nights. It stars one of my favorite actors, Nathon Fillion from the Joss Whedon universe (Buffy season 7, Firefly/Serenity). I actually came to the show late in its first season, but have been watching every episode since. So last night, when Beckett (the female lead character) took a bubble bath the most amazing song came on.

At that point I went into scooby-doo mode and looked online for that song. I found it and then listened to the album and instantly fell in love. The girl is named MoZella. She is from Detroit and what amazed me about her is that she is such a soulful singer. She is what you would call blue-eyed soul. I can only describe her as a mix of Joss Stone, Adele, and Duffy and yet she is something different. The album the song is featured on is called I Will and came out 2006, and the album sounds brand new to me, and not the obvious cookie cutter sound that is so prevalent on the top 40 radio. The song is called Can't Stop, and this album will be going on my music list for NaNoWriMo. It is just awesome!

I also have one other album I found from a TV show. I am also an avid viewer of Dollhouse, and yes this too is another Joss Whedon awesome show. Well last season they featured the most amazing song towards the end of an episode and I will I admit I rewinded that song so many times. The artist called Sia and again searched for it online and instantly fell in love with her. Her sound is totally Unique to me, but she can only be descibed as a bit of Duffy mixed with a bit of Amy Winehouse yet her own sound. The song is called "I Go To Sleep".

And one other album on the growing list is Muse, the Black Holes album and their new one The Resistance. The song that made me uber excited for the album is called "Uprising". I first heard them 2 years ago, the song "Knights of Cyndonia". The one thing I've loved about them is their sound which is a mix of Queen and ELO-Electric Light Orchestra. Yeah I am kinda a music nerd, not a huge one, but enough of one, to know what I like! Also cuz I am sci-fi lover this new song is in the promo for the revamped V on ABC. I saw the pilot at Comic this past summer and I can tell you it is gonna be AWESOME!

Ok this is part of my writing music list. Have you any music you listen to that just does it for you?


Klambat on October 14, 2009 at 8:40 AM said...

All great songs, thanks for the youtube links. But I wonder how you managed to find the songs after only seeing it on TV.


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