The case of the food snatcher!

Ok it takes a lot to really, really make my blood boil, but this morning it happened! I like so many people, buy breakfast/lunch almost everyday for work. Well this past pay period is a serious poor one for me to the point that I only have money for gas, so I had to make due with a loaf of bread and ham. Which is fine. I had been eating ham sandwiches all week. I planned it out to the point that I was down to 4 slices of ham. Well this morning, I went to where my pack ham has been chilling, in the spot it has been for the past week, and noticed it was gone. I kinda got a teeny bit pissed as I thought maybe it fell back somewhere. Well after and extensive search I found my pack of ham hidden on a second shelf with 2 slices gone. I was so angry at the audacity of the adult who not only ate my last bit of food, but also hid it in what I can only assume that they would eat it later.

I am still mad as I write this. But at the same time faintly amused at the sheer boldness. I would never do anything so crass. Hell I would never go to my mother’s house and raid her fridge unless I specifically ask. This to me means that some people have no home training.

Anyway I’ll survive. I am thinking of just bringing in food and throwing ex-lax in it. It would make me smile. But there was a case some years back when a person who did that was sued. So I will just be patient. Karma is a worthy opponent.


Jenna Byrnes on September 25, 2009 at 8:07 PM said...

Stealing your ham and then hiding it- that's the lowest of the low!

Better luck next week!

~ Jenna

nettagyrl on September 25, 2009 at 10:09 PM said...

I know Jenna! I was LIVID! I told my son and he laffed, cuz seriously it is funny, and low.

And also gross. Who does that?


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