Working the blog

Hi all. I love my blog. I mean from the name to the inane posts I am just loving everything here. But I also want more people to see how truly awesome this blog is. Am I conceited? No because I am this blog's biggest fan.

So for the past month I've been really trying to kick up the traffic to get more people on this site. So I can tell you some that are really good is the Entrecard and Along for the Ride traffic builders. These are the ones I started with and I am happy with the results. Also Link Referral is stepping up.

I just added CMF, Spott, BlogExplosion, Traffic Digger, and Adgitze to see if these will work, but no words yet on these.

While I love Entrecard and Link Referral, you really have to spend some time clicking on other sites to get it reciprocated on your own site. Not a problem, but it takes a lot of time to build up the traffic.

But Along for the Ride is probably the easiest traffic builder. All you do is add the widget. That's it. No click, no ads. Love this one the best.

Then there are the directories I've added myself to. Not for sure if they are working or not, but I keep the pretty little widgets on my site for looks.

I can say this, with the work put into these sites, the big payoff is the traffic as well as the followers who love my site as much as I do.

So while it is a lot of work, it is worth it. Now if only I can get paid the big bucks to blog, then I would love it even more. So far I am still in the cents when it comes to google adsense.



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